Garcia vs. Peterson will not go the distance

Looking back at Danny Garcia’s career, he has fought and won fights he wasn’t supposed to win. Although Garcia had a very weak showing in 2014, let’s not forget the accomplishments that brought him to the top of the 140lb division. Wins over Kendal Holt, Erick Morales, Amir Khan, and Lucas Matthysse are just a few of the big names that Danny Garcia has added to his (29-0, 17KOs) record.

Danny has an awkward style that gives people trouble in the ring, I can only describe it as his own form of calculated chaos. With Amir Khan, he used timing to beat him, throwing crazy hooks and right hands as Amir would unload his attack. With Lucas Matthysse, he used a more technical style, staying on his toes and choosing when to engage. He is able to adjust his fighting style to that which will give his opponent the most trouble.

Now let’s talk Herrera, most fans including myself were very disappointed with Danny’s performance in that fight. My personal assessment of the situation was that Al Haymon was trying to keep Garcia busy, but also wanted to keep his record in tact for the massive migration of all his fighters to NBC. Did Herrera beat Garcia? It was very close, but I would have to say that Herrera did edge Garcia in that fight. I believe that after beating Matthysse on the Mayweather vs. Canelo undercard, success and fame got into his head. He didn’t take Herrera seriously and had the fight not been in Puerto Rico, Danny may have had his first loss.

Lamont Peterson is an overall good boxer that has wins and losses to very notable opposition. One of his most biggest wins was over Amir Khan, in which every hardcore fan knows that he lost that fight. His only two official losses come by the hands of Timothy Bradley in which he lost by unanimous decision, and a KO loss to Lucas Matthysse. Some how Peterson has managed to hold on to his belt even though he’s been outclassed on several occasions. Danny Garcia has one of the better left hooks in boxing, he almost knocked Amir Khans head off with his perfectly timed left hook, and sent Morales through the ropes with the exact same punch. Peterson will try to make this a technical match against Danny, which in my opinion is his best option due to the physical advantages Danny will have over him. If he decides to stay on the outside and use his ring movement, and jab, he needs to make sure he is landing decent shots of Garcia. If Danny Garcia looses respect for Petersons power, he will simply go in and throw looping shots until one lands, almost in the same fashion as the Rod Salka fight.

Danny Garcia can do almost everything better that Lamont, he has solid fundamentals, a good chin, and power in both hands. I can see Lamont trying to get inside, and walking right into Danny’s left hand. Just as in his fight with Matthysse, Peterson wont be getting back up and it should be an early night for Danny Garcia.

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Isaac Juarez

Isaac Juarez