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Leo Santa Cruz Goes To Sleepy Decision, Wants Mares Next


Leo Santa Cruz defeated Jose Cayetano by way of unanimous decision with the scores of 100-90 from all of three judges. “I did what I could, I tried my best…he is a great fighter.” said Santa Cruz after the fight.
Cayetano who is a constructer work and auto insurance salesman in Tijuana, Mexico was a laughably, bad opponent for Santa Cruz who is the WBC Super Bantamweight champion making his debut at featherweight in this bout. Cayetano is ranked #110 in the world and moving up to featherweight as well to add to absurdity.

Cayetano was there to get hit as he was game to trade, but not so game to move his head. From the start of the fight it was all Leo Santa Cruz as he forced Cayetano to the ropes and threw wild punches as he simply didn’t respect Cayetano’s power. The fight was essentially a pattern of Santa Cruz chasing Cayetano around the ring until he was trapped against the ropes and would bully him with flurries that never really hurt him. In the third, Santa Cruz jolted Cayetano’s head back with a straight right , but couldn’t keep him still to do anything about it.

The fight sadly was not what people hoped for as Santa Cruz bullied the smaller fighter, but just couldn’t obtain the stoppage victory the whole MGM Grand was waiting for as it would mark the advent of the Mayweather-Pacquiao main event. The fight signified the reason fans have dramatically turned on Santa Cruz over the past year and a half.

The once bright eyed charming young boxer who was happy with any chance given to him in boxing now is a symbol of the Al Haymon effect in the worst way as he spent the past two years or so fighting guys we have never heard of for top dollar. It is sort of like that 1% thing from Occupy Oakland/Wall St. , but in something that we go to for enjoyment, Santa Cruz seems to be getting protected fighting less than stellar opposition while making a million dollars per fight.It just doesn’t feel right to us regular working stiffs.

As the fight came to an end, Santa Cruz earned a one sided win, but looked as bad as possible in a dominant one sided victory against an opponent who you’d expect was meant to get knocked out by him. Santa Cruz did show composure , but it appeared both his power which isn’t very existent to begin with at super bantamweight didn’t carry up in weight as well as well as his output which seemed just from the eye test to be less than previous fights.

Santa Cruz picks up another victory which is most important , but it was not the prettiest thing to witness and one has to hope that a fight that has long been talked about with Abner Mares is what is next for Santa Cruz. “I want Mares and hopefully that is the next fight I get.” Santa Cruz last remarked before leaving the ring.

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Lukie Ketelle

Lukie Ketelle