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Oakland Boxing Coach Breaks Down Mayweather-Pacquiao on Social Media

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Abraham Morones is a boxing coach at Nonito Donaire Sr. Boxing Gym in Oakland, CA as well as handles the day to day operations as well. Morones, a talented boxer himself with over 6o amateur fights and even competing in the 2012 Olympic trials wanted the readers of this blog to understand what happened between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao in fight that has reached heavy criticism after ESPN began to slander it directly after the fight ended.

it’s called boxing where the definition is hit and not get hit in a small enclosed space. A sport that demonstrates a form of fighting with rules allowing you to hold or maneuver you body in such a way to not receive life risking damage while still being able to inflict life risking damage to the other combatant. The rules dictate that the combatant that can inflict the maximum amount of damage to render the opponent no longer able to compete wins or inflicts the most damage in the allowed time of the contest wins. A referee is an experienced judge allowed to assess the damage of the combatants live and immediately to enforce and preserve the rules of contests during the match. If the contest endures till the allotted time there is a panel of experts also called Judges that are appointed to [use]  a point system based upon those rules, so they can give an unbiased score of the match.


For those looking for CliffNotes of what Coach Morones wrote above, it is quite simple through my reading comprehension skills. Morones is saying that if you are unable to land effectively, cut off the ring or get any form of effective offensive off sympathy should not be given to you, but rather praise should go to the one constantly forcing his foe to miss and get hit for the effort. It is a  classic adage hit and not get hit, but many fans of boxing hoped to see a bar room brawl rather than too highly level fighters having a chess match in the ring.

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Lukie Ketelle

Lukie Ketelle