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Walters decisions Marriaga in HBO main event

In a very technical fight that saw both men engage in spurts it was Nicholas Walters who got the better of the exchanges in the end as he cruised to a somewhat dominate decision to remaining fans in New York City, New York that stayed for the fight. The fight was marred by local fan favorite Seanie Monaghan and Puerto Rican star Felix Verdejo getting wins earlier in the night as the fans didn’t seem as invested in the main event.


The first three rounds were incredibly close yet not the most fan pleasing as well as it appeared both fighters respected each others power and skill as it appeared to lead to dare I say, very little? The fourth round Marriaga saw Walters eat the hardest punch of the fight with a straight overhand right, but it appeared Walters who missed weight yesterday might I add, was just too big for Marriaga who didn’t seem to have the power to keep him off him.


The fight saw Walters invest into the body of Marriaga whereas Marriaga began to headhunt with neither really being effective. During the fight nearly 1,000 people left the arena as reported on Twitter by reporters on the scene of the event. This sort of carried over to the main event as it just felt a bit dull with little crowd noise as the two sort of recreated their amateur bouts all over again, but without any added excitement, crowd noise or anything that made it feel truly special.


In the latter stages of the bout, Walters tried to set up a trap with his right hand to get Marriaga to walk into his right hand as by the eighth round it appeared Walters began to get the better of the two as he began to land a jab overhand right at will. In the ninth, Walters would send Marriaga crushing to the mat, but all for not as Marriaga would beat the count as it appeared to be more of a balance issue


The final score were 118-109, 117-110, 119-108 for Nicholas Walters, but since he was unable to make weight WBA featherweight title will remain vacant.

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Lukie Ketelle

Lukie Ketelle