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CSAC says Haymon was sabotaging rival shows


In a very interesting exclusive with Ivan G. Goldman of, California State Athletic Commissioner John Frierson says Al Haymon was purposely booking venues in California to sabotage rival promotions, in particular Golden Boy Promotions, who is currently suing Haymon along with the brokers who have funded his boxing endeavor.


The most egregious example was when Haymon booked the StubHub center to void Banner Promotions and Golden Boy Promotions from putting Lucas Matthysse vs. Ruslan Provodnikov in that venue. The fight was booked in upstate New York at a venue that offered $20 to get you in the door and $8o to get you ringside, a far cry from what StubHub could of generated at the very least double that price.


What makes this interesting is the fact that Haymon has been adverting the Ali Act by not promoting shows  and just working as an advisor. He has promoters who work with him so that the product is seamless, but still works around the law of functioning as a promoter and manager. This whole thing screams of a revamping to The Ali Act as it is essentially a middle finger to the legal system as it is finding a window to function in the same manner , but work around one of the legal qualifications.


This is added to ABC asking for a federal investigation from attorney general on Al Haymon’s business practices as well as 300 million dollar lawsuit filed by Golden Boy Promotions.

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Lukie Ketelle

Lukie Ketelle