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Boxing Documentary “Title Shot” Hopes to Finally Be Completed

Twenty years ago in the legendary Gleason’s boxing gym a documentary was filmed by director Gaylen Ross. The documentary was given the name “Title Shot” a film that followed junior middleweight contender Godfrey Nyakana on his journey to reaching a chance to win a championship belt. Godfrey who came to the states from Ghana, trained under Bobby Cassidy. Both fighter and trainer dedicated tears and sweat on their quest to the title. Godfrey traveled 3 hours everyday from his Bronx apartment to Gleason’s gym to train his body for the battles ahead. He talked about how in life there were only so many chances a person will get, he planned on making the most out of his opportunities. The documentary even shows Godfrey recovering from a knockout loss. You will witness his determination to continue fighting after the loss and the mental battles he had to face to overcome that loss. The documentary focused on the true aspect of what fighters face inside and out of the ring.

Sometimes the public will get caught up in the Hollywood version of boxing and believe that sport only offers riches and fame. This couldn’t be further from the truth for a boxer who is starting from the bottom and looking to make a name for themselves. Most boxers will never earn the fame or money that superstar boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. has earned throughout his career. Floyd is said to have pulled in around 300 million dollars when he faced Pacquiao this past May 2nd. The average pay for most boxers who have no following yet or get little TV time is under 20,000 annually. Title Shot follows Nyakana as he moves through a series of fights until he lands the one that will take him to the title. The documentary covers training camp, pre-fight, post-fight, and behind the scene looks of interaction with managers and trainers. The film also features boxing legends such as Angelo Dundee, Sugar Shane Mosley, and Kevin Kelly. The film offers you a look back at the boxing world during a vital time in it’s history. Some of the characters in the documentary went on to become the legends that we know today. Title Shot grants you full uncensored access to the story of man and his team as they fight to scratch the surface of recognition in the boxing world.

The documentary was all but finished but lacked the money to complete production by editing the film and including the sound. This film was probably the last to be shot with 16mm film which made it more costly to finish. The film was shelved until money could be raised to complete the production. Time went by and before anyone knew twenty years had passed and the film still wasn’t finished. Now director Gaylen Ross is looking to finish this compelling story of a man fighting for his dreams and the trials and tribulations he encountered along with his team on his journey to the title shot. This is definitely a story that deserves telling and to be shared with the world. A story not just about boxing but about fighting for life itself. To support this documentary that will take you back to a golden age in boxing you can click the link below.

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