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Meet the 2016 U.S. Olympic Team

With the Olympics in Rio a mere weeks away now I have decided to give you a short, not that extensive look at each fighter who made the team and some thoughts and feedback as well. Below is your 2016 U.S. Olympic team.



light flyweight – Nico Hernandez

I follow a lot of amateur boxing and I can honestly say I don’t know much about Nico Hernandez. I know he is from Kansas and I know he was one of three fighters to qualify before essentially everyone else beyond that I am in the dark. Hernandez, will have a platform to win me over and hopefully leave a lasting impression as the lighter weights tend to be tough sledding in the professional game

flyweight – Antonio Vargas

Vargas is a solid and composed fighter who fought three tough bouts against Brent Venegas III of Sacramento, CA going 2-1 to qualify. Like Hernandez, Vargas has the problem of being in a lower weight class in which if he doesn’t look amazing he is in a rough spot for the pro’s. Vargas is incredibly fast and strong for the lower weights as well.

bantamweight – Shakur Stevenson

My favorite to win gold at this year’s Olympics and I feel is a star in the making in Stevenson. Stevenson is one of the few amateur boxers I see who can turn his punches over, use distance well and move slowly to gauge range so he doesn’t have to gas himself out with excessive movement. Stevenson is one of the fighters who you should schedule to watch this year. Stevenson is undefeated in world competition

lightweight – Karlos Balderas

I think Balderas is the biggest prospect in terms of being a big superstar in the pro game due to the fact that he is a Mexican-American, a good fighter and a bit bigger than Stevenson which seemingly means, more money and more casual viewership. Balderas is a solid fighter who has a good chance at winning a medal in this year’s Olympics.

light welterweight – Gary Russell

Though you may know his older brother with the same name, Gary Russell will enter this year’s Olympic games to make a name for himself as the fastest boxer in the class and one with some of the most sound fundamentals. Russell is fighting in one of the deeper weight classes so despite his ability, he may have trouble medaling due to the nature of the division.

middleweight – Charles Conwell

Conwell might not be the most aesthetically pleasing fighter as his style is a mauling one as opposed to one of distance, but Conwell has proven to be effective so far. Conwell is a very tough, hard worker who is in a similar vein to Shawn Porter.



lightweight – Mikaela Mayer

Mayer is talented, beautiful and skilled meaning she doesn’t just have a chance to win a medal , but also to become one of the U.S. stars of 2016. The only thing is up until this point we are not sure how well she can fight.

middleweight – Claressa Shields

One of the greatest amateur boxers ever both men and women, Shields is looking to secure her legacy as one of the greatest U.S. Olympians ever as she has created a legacy, that is not yet appreciated in America. Shields looks to join the Michael Phelps-type of Olympian and dominate this Olympic class

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Lukie Ketelle