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Canelo VS. Chavez Jr -Will size be a factor?

When it comes to Mexican boxing, the name Chavez is immediately recognized as royalty. However, the son of Mexican boxing legend Julio Cesar Chavez, has never experienced the same success and reverence as his father. With a record of (50-2-1, 32 KOs) Chavez Jr is now being setup with an awesome opportunity to fight against Canelo Alvarez, who at this time is the biggest star in boxing. With a record of (48-1-1, 34 KOs) Canelo has an enormous fan base of people and is without a doubt a very extremely talented fighter.

For those of us that watched Chavez Jr as he climbed the professional ladder, we can all agree that his size was always something that he used to his advantage. As a middle weight on fight night, he would walk into the ring and a huge size advantage was easily noticeable. Instead of using his lengthy arms and legs to better position himself, he chose to tuck in, get in close, eat a few shots, and then unleash with hooks to the body and head. This style actually worked well until of course he took his first real test against Sergio Martinez. Chavez was tagged nonstop, all night with no answer in sight until the 12th and final round where Chavez finally connected and sent Martinez to the canvas. Martinez recovered and won the fight due to his movement and speed. Chavez Jr’s second loss came by way of a stoppage by Andrzej Fonfara who was actually just as big, if not bigger than Chavez on fight night. Chavez couldn’t handle the power at the agreed weight of 171lbs and quit on his stool.

Fast forward to a few tune-up fights later, and a recent win for Chavez Jr and we come to the present moment where negotiations are taking place for a Mexican showdown in May. The question is, at the proposed weight of 164-165, will Chavez be in a good position to use his size against Canelo who has never fought above 155lbs? Canelo will have a huge speed, and skill set advantage, and is very impressive when fighting off his back foot. But, I’m not sure he’s prepared to handle the size and power of Chavez Jr. Canelo is set to move to middle weight (160lbs) late next year to fight the Mike Tyson of this era (Gennady Golovkin) assuming he gets passed his next opponent.

I think Canelo can and will beat Chavez Jr, but I’m not so sure it will be as easy as what we’ve seen in the past. In boxing, size does make a difference and can greatly change the dynamic of a fight. If Chavez can take Canelo’s power and connect with his power shots, Canelo might be in for a long night. Negotiations are still in place with Chavez requesting a bigger portion of the payout. Does Chavez deserve this fight? Absolutely not… but boxing is a game of names, and a fight between Canelo Alvarez and Chavez Jr will put people in seats, and possibly generate a decent amount of PPV buyers.

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Isaac Juarez

Isaac Juarez

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