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Victor Conte starts a mind-blowing web series “Conte University TV”

 Victor Conte has long been a pioneer in sports and science and in a new high-tech training series catered to boxers Conte hopes to take a few people to school with CONTE UNIVERSITY TV.  The series which is launched from the SNAC System YouTube channel, the nutrition company headed by Conte, who is the CEO aforementioned company.

The first episode of this new advanced boxing training and educational series focuses on the history of

hypoxic (low oxygen) and hyperoxic (high oxygen) protocols in regards to strength and conditioning as well as dispelling common myths and point out some lesser known facts.
Victor Conte is the widely known BALCO Laboratories Founder and current SNAC System CEO, with more thirty-five years of experience working with world-class athletes, work with Nonito DonaireDaniel JacobsShawn PorterDemetrius AndradeJulian Williams, Andy VencesCaleb PlantWillie Monroe Jr.
 Conte has also been an outspoken anti-doping advocate since 2005.
So, put on your science hats, strap on your seatbelts, and check out episode one from Conte University TV, entitled “History & Evolution of Hypoxic Training“.
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Lukie Ketelle

Lukie Ketelle