Gabe Rosado, Luis Arias fight to draw on DAZN undercard bout

Middleweight “King” Gabriel Rosado has gotten the marquee win of his career by beating prospect Luis “Cuba” Arias in a 12-round round bout for a regional version of WBO title taking place at the Kansas Star Arena in Mulvane, Kansas.

The bout was weird. Arias pushed Rosado back early as Rosado boxed well, but neither seemed to land telling or effective punches. Rosado would have the edge to a degree with cleaner shots, but a lot of shots from both fighters were blocked early. Rosado took over from the sixth round until the ninth round, sweeping the action and nearly stopping Arias in the process.

Yet, the final three rounds saw both fighters linger as the fatigue of the fast-paced fight set in. If a winner should of been awarded, it should of been Rosado, but Rosado also let a few of the late rounds slip away that would of sealed the bout for him.

When fighting in an experience commision such as Kansas, you have to be aware who the judges are and show urgency.

The judges saw the bout 116-112 Arias, 116-112 Rosado and 114-114, a split draw.

This was Rosado’s reunion with his childhood coach Billy Briscoe.

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Lukie Ketelle

Lukie Ketelle