Errol Spence vs. Mikey Garcia – Great vs. Great

by Anthony “T-One Visuals” Hudson – contact me here

We often hear stories about fighters taking the path of least resistance or heavy criticism of the bouts that are happening – that shouldn’t be the case for this bout, as IBF welterweight world champion Errol Spence Jr. will look to make a statement facing four-division world champion Mikey Garcia in Fox Pay-Per-View mega-fight from the Dallas Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas on March 16th.

When I first heard of the bout I got excited.

It sounded like the old fights, I heard about growing up. Two legends testing themselves against the best, to see if they can compete at the highest levels, a naturally smaller man in Mikey Garcia moving up two weight classes to face quite possibly the best welterweight out right now in Errol Spence Jr. How’d we get here?

Well, partially our editor Lukie Ketelle who recorded this video

Mikey Garcia minutes after going on KCAA Radio and calling out Errol Spence Jr.

What makes this bout exciting is despite the size advantage, Garcia is much more experienced than Spence and also has the ability to pack a punch. On the hand, Spence is much bigger and when faced with big tests such as Kell Brook, he has not just risen to the occasion but looked like the generational talent, many have proclaimed him to be. If we’re being fair, Spence is being avoided and his resume is limited since the upper tier of fighters are not eager to want to get in the ring with and that is what makes this so interesting.

Possibly the smallest welterweight within reason called out Spence Jr., when the other world champion minus Terence Crawford, who undoubtingly would jump at the chance to fight Spence, have gone in other directions.

This past weekend we saw the two engaged in a press conference broadcast on FOX, the network television channel in the afternoon. Typically, you see bad words and belittling of the opponents, but in this instance it was pure sportsmanship and respect.

It is a refreshing change from the current, quick hot-take culture of that social media has seemingly dumbed everything down as Spence and Garcia felt like true professionals seeking to challenge themselves.

As we hit the final weeks prior to this pay-per-view I know my eyes are more fixed in on this mega-fight than ever as it is not just a compelling bout, but also the first Fox pay-per-view, I believe ever.

For ticket information please follow this link.

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Lukie Ketelle

Lukie Ketelle