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Rianna Rios, the next wave of women’s boxing, turns pro tonight

Meet Rianna Rios, the number one seed for U.S. Olympic Trials at 125 lbs, but has foregone the opportunity to compete to be an Olympian as she turns professional tonight on a Golden Boy Promotions card in Costa Mesa, California, at The Hanger, which you can watch on DAZN or Facebook, link at bottom of the page. 

Rios, a life-long boxer, who began at the age of ten-years-old, has stated that her two passions are serving this country and continue her boxing career, both have been check-marked. As of last year, Rios was a sergeant in the U.S. Army at Fort Carson, Colorado, while actively competing at the national level in amateur boxing. Balancing civic duty with the highest level of competition.

Rios, now age twenty-five, was considered one of the favorites to make the Olympic team, especially with her number one spot, but perhaps, an opportunity of a lifetime came with a major promoter offering her a spot on their card, in Oscar De La Hoya’s Golden Boy Promotion. 

For all the slander people throw at Golden Boy Promotions, they have been very good about putting women boxing bouts on their cards as well as various promoters such as Matchroom Boxing and DiBella Entertainment, with Lou DiBella being perhaps the biggest modern-day advocate of women’s boxing. 

Rios, who is widely respected as a top-ten female fighter coming out of this Olympic class will look to make an impressive debut against Elizabeth Tuani in a four-round bout at 118 lbs.

The card will stream tonight on DAZN as well as for free on this Golden Boy Facebook page.

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Lukie Ketelle