Wade Jones III Wins In Mexico, Looks To Have Big 2021

Wade Jones is a no-nonsense fighter out of Stockton, California, but behind his tough in-ring demeanor is an energetic and fun-loving person, that the world is waiting to fall in love with. 

The self-professed boxing nerd, made a commitment to the sport of boxing at a young age, as despite being between Stockton, California, and Florida, during his teenage years, a passion for boxing persisted. Jones III would study tape on YouTube, look up to fighters whom he wanted to be like, case-and-point – Andre Ward.

“I heard Andre Ward say you couldn’t drink or smoke,” said Wade Jones III. “After I heard that I said ‘okay well I can’t do that’, say no more.”

Jones, trained by an emerging Stockton, California coach, Leonal Salas, out of the Team Nasty private boxing facility, has a family vibe.

The team which has been fighting on Toscano Boxing Promotions card for Jones III last four fights, nearly didn’t get to fight on the last card.

“My originally opponent tested for COVID-19 on the day of COVID testing,” said Jones III. “there was another guy who was supposed to fight on that card, but his fight fell through on Monday, and they called him.”

The catch being Francisco Javier Hernandez was much bigger than Jones III agreeing to fight him at a catchweight 142 lbs., seven pounds heavier than Wade had ever fought at. Hernandez came in at 144 lbs.

That being said Jones III, who is known for his relentless pressure, provided nothing short of that, targeting the body, and forcing his opponent to abandon the fight.

My thoughts (stealing this section from Abe Gonzalez of Jones III is a reputable fighter, who is being largely ignored since he has exclusively fought in Mexico. Jones III is a powerful, pressure fighter with a skill-set to boast, his development will be interesting to watch, but his fight IQ is much higher than the average boxer.

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Lukie Ketelle

Lukie Ketelle