Charles Conwell Concludes Ring City USA’s 2020, Looks For A Big 2021

Charles Conwell is boxing’s best kept secret.

The fight game knows about him, but the fight fans for the most part, don’t -.

Conwell, who very well could be the best 154 lbs fighter in the world is now looking for opportunities to show his talents, as he has been organically brought up via DiBella Entertainment, and Split-T Management, taking the onus away from placing him on major cards in the last year, with a focus on Conwell headlining his own cards, as the 2016 Olympian, from Cleveland Heights, Ohio, Conwell will have headlined three cards in 2020, despite a national pandemic. One of which on Showtime and one of which on NBC Sports Network, not too bad.

“I just have to keep making statements everytime, so they know who I am,” said the recently turned 23-year-old Charles Conwell. “I am trying to prove myself, and get the fights that I need – to show that I am one of the elite fighters.”

Conwell, who recently had a daughter, has spoken on multiple times how that has become a deeper influence on his career, and fighting than every before.

“I know everyone says this, but it changed me, I am fighting for her now – to give her a better life,” said the proud parent Conwell. “I want to give her more than I had.”

As for his fight on Ring City USA, Thursday night, December 17th, in the main event against Madiyar Ashkeyev, a fighter signed to Main Events, yet another time a Soul City boxer has faced boxer signed to promoter earlier the fighter’s development. Conwell keeps it concise and clear. He doesn’t know much about him and honestly doesn’t care.

“I know he is training, and he is in Cali – and that’s about all I know.” said Conwell. “It isn’t about what he is doing, it is about what I am doing and what I am going to do.”

Conwell’s trainer, Otha Jones II, knows a lot about Madiyar Ashkeyev, but more importantly holds Buddy McGirt in immense respect, as Jones II took to his Facebook page Wednesday night, to show respect to Buddy McGirt, whom Jones II, referred to as a friend and mentor.

Conwell is elite, you don’t become an Olympian, off of sheer kindness, you become one based on talent. On top of all of that, Conwell, I feel has a chip-on his shoulder, he wants to be amongst his peers of the 2016 Olympic class namely Teofimo Lopez and Shakur Stevenson, who are emerging as top-ten pound-for-pound fighters in the world, and Conwell wants to be fighting the best in the world, as well.

Fighting Ashkeyev is no pushover as the fighter is managed by Egis Klimas, one of the best in the sport, but Conwell is expected to do great things, but in order to do so, he needs a great performance, but making the most of tough circumstance is a familiar story to Conwell. So familiar his ring moniker is “Bad News”.

So far Ring City USA has had two dynamic knockout wins in the main event with O’Shaquie Foster stopping Miguel Roman, and Brandon Adams having a career resurgence type performance against Sanny Duversonne.

Conwell is up next, and taking on the hardest opponent of previous three fight cards, on a boxing series aiming to be in the vein of “Tuesday Night Fights”, with fighters in need of fight dates taking stern tests to graduate to bigger fights after a few appearances or so that is my belief on the mission statement of the network.

Look – Conwell is a good, an old-school body puncher, and follows the formula of the Soul City Boxing Gym, in Toledo, Ohio, as a fighter who beats you down over time and breaks you down with conditioning as well.

Conwell will fight at 6 PM PST / 9 PM PST on NBCSN, check local listing for the specifics.

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Lukie Ketelle

Lukie Ketelle