Why Mazzi Goldston’s Father, Ty, Wasn’t Able To Be At Mazzi’s 2nd Fight | Covid-19 Stories

Ty Goldston is a well-respected coach from Albany, New York.

His family is a boxing family, so it is no secret that his son, Kasir “Mazzi” Goldston is now becoming one of the emerging fighters on the scene of professional boxers, as the young fighter is promoted by Top Rank Inc, and managed by James Prince.

At only 17-years-old, “Mazzi” Goldston turned pro, and last weekend on December 12th, the two weren’t together for the first time during a professional fight.

“We took a couple of COVID tests, and they were all negative, took one when I got to the bubble, it came back negative, and took one after weigh-ins, and Saturday morning, I got a call I needed to come and take another test,” said Ty Goldston, recounting the unbelievable events leading up to his son’s second promotional fight on ESPN+. “At the time I was feeling great, and when they called and told me I had to relocate off the property I was just devastated, but at the same time I knew we trained the right way – Mazzi was ready!”

As Goldston furthered that beyond his son’s fight, he also began to think about things in his immediate future such as would he rent a car and drive back to Albany, New York from Las Vegas, Nevada, which could take two-to-three days to do as well as how to best protect himself and others from the virus which is raging war on America. Goldston opted to stay in Las Vegas, and fly home in two weeks., because of the positive test Goldston wasn’t in his son’s corner.

“The people I had in the corner were people Mazzi was familiar with,” said Goldston. “He has a long-history with Jared Jones, he has worked with coach Kay Koroma, so it was pretty much a familiar situation, and we have actually prepared for this kind of situation, and if these types of things happened.”

The corner saw Jared Jones who lives in Albany and known Mazzi since a child creating stability while the veteran voice of calmness, Kay Koroma, filled in for Ty Goldston, as Goldston recorded his first knockout win as a pro stopping Llewelyn McClamy in the second round.

“They executed the game plan beautifully,” said Goldston. “Mazzi did exactly what we worked on in camp and he got that guy out of there.”

It is always hard to be honest with yourself, and even harder when judging your son’s skillset as a father. The realness to know if you’re son will be a good professional, or even worse, to be rational and know if it is time to turn your son professional is often a big decision.

Every father’s fear if they have a son who boxes should first be their health, but secondly, be that they have a talented fighter, who they might not know how to advise or help. I feel like this is a common pitfall of boxing, and Goldston’s love for his son is evident and his selflessness is setting him apart as he wants his son to receive all the credit, and simply wants him in the best position possibly.

For “Mazzi” Goldston, he is an emerging 140 lbs., who will be building his record for the next two years to get into position for a big fight. What standouts to me is Goldston has veteran poise, wise-beyond his years.

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Lukie Ketelle

Lukie Ketelle