Golovkin – Man of Mystery, Fights Tonight On DAZN

Gennady Golovkin fights tonight on DAZN, and as of yesterday looked as in-shape as ever, despite being 38-years-old, as Golovkin fights in a few hours against, Kamil Szeremeta, who despite being ranked #3 world by the IBF, as #1 and #2 lay vacant, is essentially a high-level tune-up as Szeremeta’s accomplishments in the sport look eerily similar to Peter McNeeley, and Kevin McBride.

Those tuning in tonight, are doing so to watch Golovkin and would be surprised if the bout turned out to be any form of competition, but that is okay. Golovkin has paid his dues and more than likely would like to knock some rust off before approaching the final or final few fights of his career.

The veteran boxer, who during a cross of time in the mid-2010s was the man to beat at the middleweight division, despite in hindsight, not the most eye-catching or appealing resume.

That being said, we don’t really know much about Golovkin, even though his career is almost over.

We know he is an all-time great, a tremendous puncher, with a big chin, and a love for his fans, but a lot of his prime was based around the acculturation of Golovkin to Mexican-culture and the Mexican fanbase. The plan worked as Tom Loeffler and Abel Sanchez created a story, and motif that caught on in L.A., that created a moment in boxing as Golovkin felt like Kostya Tszyu-type fighter, who fought often, and was brutally violent with skill.

So, why go into this backstory…

Earlier this week, Golovkin made a quote towards Oscar De La Hoya, that I won’t repeat, but came off in bad taste especially in recent times.

Then I realized we don’t know him.

We spent years seeing him to try to put together words in English and integrate into our culture, but never saw what was his why? What motivates him to have such a brutal style, what has inspired him to be this all-time great, especially coming from Kazakhstan, we genuinely don’t know.

Now that he has wealth, we will never know or possibly know too much, as power often shows people’s true intentions all along.

That being said Golovkin is private. As a private person I respect that. His life doesn’t unfold in the public sphere, and his dislike of De La Hoya, and Canelo seems to be rooted in feeling that they violated moral ethical codes in his eyes, not just in the boxing ring.

We haven’t had a boxer rise to stardom from Kazakhstan like Golovkin, yet we know very little about his background, upbringing, what life was like there, or even his intensions to go pro, and having to come to America to essentially start over as professional fighter.

In hindsight, that might helped guide us, but I think what happened is we Americanized Golovkin. He became a commodity something that could be meme, GIF, a bobblehead, t-shirt, anything you can name, and sell in Golovkin’s prime he was that. To be fair, I think that is what most boxers, and Golovkin wanted – fans, the ability to generate money, and forms of commodity about themselves.

That being said, time still lingers for these questions to be answered as he has a few more fights in him, hopefully after tonight, as the closest thing to Carlos Monzon.

The six-fight card starts at 5 PM EST / 2 PM PST, on DAZN, live from Hollywood, Florida.

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Lukie Ketelle

Lukie Ketelle