Seven Women’s Amateur Boxers To Watch For The 2024 Olympics In Paris

Per usual, this is my cheat sheet for who I am currently following, this is by no means a ranking or whatever you call it, it is simply fighters I am drawn to, and achieving great things in the amateurs, and my observation upon them.

Below are the seven fighters I am following in USA Boxing, who are not an Olympian or an Olympic alternate.

Shera Mae Patricio

Hawaii’s Shera Mae Patricio is one of the best young-and-emerging boxers in the country. Most impressive about her performance at the 2021 Nationals was that one of her recorded wins was a stoppage against Jewel Lambert, as Patricio will be hard to beat with her experience and skill. Patricio won a gold medal internationally in 2019, and has been dominating over the past four years. A rising star in the sport.

Arika Skoog

Arika Skoog had an impressive national tournament to take notice of beating tournament favorite Sharahya Moreu and stopping Jocelyn Shade. Skoog has a lot of power and is a pro-style women’s boxer, who we haven’t seen in some time as she lands big punches with ill-intent. It will be interesting to see how Skoog transitions to the pros, or whether she decides to target Paris 2024. Skoog is a hard fight for anyone as it will take not just skill, but a will to win to beat Skoog.

Ariana Carrasco

One of the most impressive fighters currently in all of women’s boxing, and due to my rushed nature of having to do too many things in one day, I somehow forgot her name in the list, but Arianna Carrasco, has intentions unseen else with her punches. Carrasco, of New Mexico, is dominant, and a thinker – beyond that she is someone who many inside the gyms have informed me of privately of how impressive she is. Carrasco is one of the fighters to watch for in USA Boxing.

Kayla Gomez

Volume is the story with Kayla Gomez. Gomez is a come-forward fighter looking to exhaust her opposition with pace. The third-generation boxer is showing to be a level above her competition and currently has been seen in many press releases in regards to USA Boxing, as a top prospect, as Gomez will be a fighter to watch in the future. Gomez also holds a gold medal internationally and is one of the many outstanding and emerging women’s fighters in USA Boxing.

Faith Mendez

Faith Mendez won the nationals in one of the deepest amateur divisions currently in the sport, and is going to have great future bouts with Sierra Martinez, Daisy Bamberger, and Amy Minter, all of whom will be crowd-pleasing. Mendez is an experienced, and skilled fighter, who got the job done at this tournament, and is not to be underestimated. Mendez can beat anyone at any time.

Amy Minter

Rocklin, California’s Amy Minter, came from the bottom, and rose to the top of the 132 lbs elite division, making for one of the feel-good stories of the tournament. Minter, who trains at the Jose Morales Boxing Academy, used pressure and a high-punch output to win the tournament, and will be a formidable foe, for all moving forward.

Sierra Martinez

Sierra Martinez might have lost in the first round to “J.J.” Smith of Bay Point, California, but we still view her skillset as one of the best in the country. Martinez is a sweet boxer, who keeps opponents out-of-sync, and is a real thinker in the ring. We knew the COVID-19 pandemic would show rust for some fighters, and I personally am viewing Martinez’s loss, as a one-off as I will be evaluating her at the Lugo Amateur tournament as well as the USA Boxing Nationals in the summer.

Daisy Bamberger

Daisy Bamberger wasn’t in the tournament this year, but she is a special fighter. A southpaw with good power, and a great mind for the sport. A lot of people are sleeping on Bamberger currently, based on not being in the national tournament, but working with strength coach Fabian Melendez, and training alongside the newest Mayweather Promotions signee, “Dynamite” David Lopez, Bamberger is around world-class training, on the regular.

Notable Names To Watch: Jennifer Lozano (pro-style pressure fighter), Chantel Navarro (a chess player), Sativa James (A developing fighter who has a lot of potential), Morelle McCane (One of the most experienced fighters in her division), Jazzelle Bobadilla (a really enjoyable boxer to watch), Mariana Gonzalez (solid pressure fighter), Sharahya Moreu (great body puncher), Sa’rai Brown-El (star-in-the-making), Ruby Navarro (pro-style fighter, who with an international gold medal), A’Jalya “J.J.” Smith (tall for weight class with good power)

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Lukie Ketelle

Lukie Ketelle