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2020 Olympic Boxing Results – Day Two Recap

Day Two Olympic Boxing Results – July 25th, 2021

Notable Fighters

Men’s Lightweight

Keyshawn Davis (USA) defeated Enrico Lacruz (NED) – Keyshawn Davis looks to be one of the best Olympians we have had in some time, starting fast, and looking a cross between Lamont Peterson and Shakur Stevenson. Davis will be a world champion in the pros, and it was impressive watching him start fast and have Lacruz looking bewildered. Davis will be tested in the next round facing Sofiane Oumiha, the man best known for beating Teofimo Lopez in the 2016 Olympics.

Hovhannes Bachkov (ARM) defeated Alston Ryan (ANT) – Bachkov is a spitting image of Arthur Abraham as he is a power-puncher who uses a ton of aggression to put pressure on his opponent, catching punches on his high guard. Ryan was an undersized lightweight, so this was probably the worst opening match-up. Bachkov is a very fun fighter to watch. Bachkov gave Ryan two standing-eight counts.

Javid Chalabiyev (AZE) defeated Yaroslav Khartsyz (UKR) – Chalabiyev is all offense, he reminds me of the type of fighters Abel Sanchez trained in the last decade, and overwhelmed his opponent. I don’t see him medaling, but he could appear on television in the next few years, and competes at a good weight class.

Luke McCormack (GBR) defeated Manish Kaushik (IND) – McCormack will be a solid pro with more of a professional-style than amateur style, he has a tough outing next as he faces tournament favorite, Andy Cruz of Cuba. McCormack might not have a stellar Olympics, but should be a name you see in the future.

Wanderson Oliveira (BRA) defeated Wessam Salamana (EOR) – Brazilian Oliveira stood out to me on tape and even more so in the tournament. He has a flashy style with great distance control, and solid snap on his punches. I see inevitable bout between himself and Andy Cruz in the quarterfinals as a very telling match to see how he will be as a pro.

Men’s Light Heavyweight

Imam Khataev defeated Mohamed Assaghir – Khataev gave his opponent five standing eight counts en route to stopping him with two standing-eight counts in the first round, as well as one more in the second round as well as two in the third round. Khataev is one of the best fighters I have seen in the tournament. In terms of the power you want to get fans interested, Khataev has it. Might not be Floyd Mayweather, but Khataev is a mega-puncher, with an ability to think in there as well. Interested to see how he does against the number #1 seed in the next round.

Benjamin Whittaker (GBR) defeated Jose Vivas (COL) – A pure boxer with personality and charisma, as long as he can take a professional punch Whittaker should be an upper-tier draw in the U.K. with the potential to come to America. Whittaker has a style to win this tournament by being elusive, fast hands and throwing combinations. I am curious to see how he does against Khataev if the two meet.

Dilshodbek Ruzmetov (UZB) defeated Emmett Brennan (IRL) – The vein of a Dmitry Bivol-type Dilshodbek Ruzmetov is a hop-in, hop-out who jumps in with big power punches. Ruzmetov has the ceiling of being a world champion in the right setting and had one of the more effective first-round performances. Light heavyweight features three different styles that I hope we see clash in the future.

Women’s Flyweight

Tursunoy Rakhimova (UZB) defeated Sandra Drabik (POL) – Rakhimova is solid fighter, and has a great style for the Olympics, and I am sure I am not going to be done talking about her, but Sandra Drabik was the one who stood out to me. What impressed me the most was the meanness of Sandra Drabik, who showed anger and toughness not commonly seen in women’s boxing, on top of great skills. This marks the second Polish fighter from their women’s boxing team that has been noteworthy earlier on in the tournament. It is a shame most women don’t pursue women’s boxing professionals due to the state of the pay structure, but Drabik is the type of fighter that if she went pro could garner a lot of interest.

Irish Magno defeats Christine Ongare (KEN) – Left-hook city, Magno is a solid puncher at the lower weights, and just looks like a seasoned pro fighting in a style that translates to the pros, as she throws more power punches than volume for the sake of volume. Magno should make it to the quarterfinals and has a good chance at a medal in this weight class. Solid. Her bout against Jutamas Jitpong will be interesting.

Mary Kom (IND) defeated Miguelina Hernández (DOM – Kom throws straight punches and has a ton of experience. Kom is designed to do well in amateur boxing, and will more than likely emerge to the quarter-finals.

Virgina Fuchs (USA) defeated Svetlana Soluianova (ROC) – Fuchs is my odds on favorite to win this bracket, but had a hard fight today with Russia that saw her win by a narrow split decision. Despite that, Fuchs is still my favorite to win this division as the southpaw is aggressive and active, two traits heavily rewarded in a three-round fight, as I view her performance as nothing more than a bit nerves and a few unfavorable cards

Charley Davison (GBR) defeated Rabab Cheddar (MAR) – Davison left the most lasting impression upon after the first round and a bout between her and Fuchs seems inevitable. Speed, timing and straight punches make up her game along with a lot of volume. The winner of Fuchs vs Davison should make the finals as they appear to be the two strongest in this division in the bottom bracket.

Remaining Results

Men’s Lightweight

Richarno Colin (MRI) defeated Abdelhaq Nadir (MAR)

Gabil Mamedov (ROC) defeated Damian Durkacz (POL) – Durkacz could be a very interesting pro.

Bakhodur Usmonov (TRJ) defeated Leonel de los Santos (DOM)

Dzmitry Asanau (BLR) defeated Obada Al-Kasbeh (JOR)

Zakir Safiullin (KAZ) defeated Leodan Pezo (PER)

Daisuke Narimatsu (JPN) defeated Fiston Mbaya (COD)

Harry Garside (AUS) defeated John Ume (PNG)

Men’s Light Heavyweight

Chen Daxiang (CHN) defeated Shabbos Negmatulloev (TRJ)

Mohammed Houmri (ALG) defeated Nalek Korbaj (VEN)

Luka Plantić (CRO) defeated Odai Al-Hindawi (JOR)

Women’s Flyweight

Jutamas Jitpong (THA) defeated Roumaysa Boualam (ALG)

Nina Radovanović (SRB) defeated Mandy Bujold (CAN)

Giordana Sorrentino (ITA) defeated Irismar Cardozo (VEN)

Tsukimi Namiki (JPN) defeated Graziele Sousa (BRA)

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