01 Aug 2021

Imam Khataev – Why The Olympic Bronze Medal Boxer Needs To Be On Your Radar

For every Olympic Gold Medalist, I am going to take time and give a brief bio and context for fight fans who didn’t watch the Olympic boxing contest, but with Imam Khataev losing a heavily debated decision to Benjamin Whittaker, Khataev deserves the same treatment. Khataev, who fights like the

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01 Aug 2021

Monday Morning Boxing Coach – Olympic Medal Rounds + Wood & Rice Pull Off Upsets

Most Olympic Medal Match Are Set Before you deep-dive into the medal round matches my favorites from this Olympic Games so far are Imam Khataev, Lauren Price, Keyshawn Davis, Oshae Jones, Yuberjen Martínez, Benjamin Whittaker, and Pat McCormack. Men’s Flyweight Medal round bouts to be set on Monday. Men’s Featherweight

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01 Aug 2021

2020 Olympic Boxing Results – Day Nine – Notable Performances

Men’s Featherweight Duke Ragan (USA) defeated Kurt Walker (IRE) – Our guy did it! Duke Ragan proved he is a big-game fighter, rising to the moment, and beating Walker in a razor-tight bout that now secures Ragan an Olympic medal. Ragan has been a stand-out fighter in the Olympics since

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