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2020 Olympic Boxing Results – Day 12 Recap Batyrgaziev Wins Gold

Gold Medal Match

Men’s Featherweight

Albert Batyrgaziev (ROC) defeated Duke Ragan (USA) – Albert Batyrgaziev has a style built for the amateurs, and the Cinderella run of Duke Ragan, sadly ends in a manner all of us Americans were not hoping to see, a little short of a gold medal as Batyrgaziev just seemed to know when to throw punches, and turn up in the fight. Batyrgaziev is a special fighter and hopefully, a major promoter signs him so we can see him against all the great featherweights over the next decade.

In a bout I stayed up to watch, Batyrgaziev took all the excitement out of the fight rather quickly and I mean that as a compliment.

Men’s Flyweight

Carlo Paalam (PHI) defeated Ryomei Tanaka (JPN) – The Manny Pacquiao influence is seen in 2021, as a whole generation of boxers from the Philippines, as Carlo Paalam soundly beat Ryomei Tanaka. The bout was bittersweet as Yuberjen Martínez should’ve gotten the chance to face Paalam, but was denied the opportunity, because of bad scorecards. Paalam is a very solid fighter, who now will fight for gold.

Galal Yafai (GBR) defeated Saken Bibossinov (KAZ) – The best fight of the tournament for Yafai as he gave Bibossinov a standing-eight count nearly a minute in. Yafai has one of the most fan-friendly styles of any Olympic fighter. He just comes forward non-stop.

Finals | Paalam vs. Yafai – Will the first starts of Galal Yafai be able to stop the incredible skill of Paalam, who has fought so well – that we haven’t seen him in one competitive bout so far. This will fight will be won in the first round.

Bronze Medal: Ryomei Tanaka (JPN), Saken Bibossinov (KAZ)

Tanaka will be a very good pro, and has a great body attack for a fighter heading to the pros as well as being the elder brother of a famous professional fighter doesn’t hurt as well.

Bibossinov is not unlike a lot of Kazakh boxers in this years Olympics with a focus on winning rounds early, and coasting, is his planned course of action. Bibossinov seemed to be the most impressive fighter from Kazakistan as his adjustments were impressive.

Men’s Middleweight

Oleksandr Khyzhniak (UKR) defeated Eumir Marcial (PHI) – Khyzhniak overcame his flaws to outgun Marcial, who is already signed with Manny Pacquiao Promotions, and has the makings of being a good pro. Khyzhniak is just a non-stop offense attack with his defense being his offense.

Hebert Conceição Souza (BRA) defeated Gleb Bakshi (ROC) – Hebert Conceição feel like the 2021 version of 2012 Brazilian silver medalist Esquiva Falcao as he is smart disciplined and focused. Bakshi is a rugged and tough fighter, and from the early onset tried to make it rugged, but couldn’t as the gameplan was followed.

Finals | Khyzhniak (UKR) vs. Souza (BRA) – Souza might not have been a fighter I wrote a ton about, but he is someone who can fight composed, and fight similarly from fight to fight. Khyzhniak has to will his way to victory via brute force, which he can, but it is a tall ask as well

Bronze Medals: Eumir Marcial (PHI), Gleb Bakshi (ROC)

Eumir Marcia will be a very good pro, and already signing with Manny Pacquiao Promotions will just help that even more. Marcial has good power and timing, along with a high boxing IQ.

Bakshi is rugged and mean, a physical fighter – who looks like he lived a hard life and wants you to experience everything he has had to go through.

Women’s Lightweight

Kellie Harrington (IRE) defeated Sudaporn Seesondee (THA) – Harrington handled Seesondee’s volume, which is non-stop as Harrington is proving to be a special boxer with a ceiling the size of the E

Beatriz Ferreira (BRA) defeated Mira Potkonen (FIN) – Ferreira was just too much for Potkonen, who will win her second bronze medal in the Olympics. Ferreira could be a great pro.

Finals | Harrington (IRE) vs Ferreira (BRA) – A true gold medal duel as the great boxer, Harrington, looks to be the next great women’s boxer from Ireland, but to do so she has to handle the generational type of pressure from Ferreira, who is a will breaker. This is an even, and great bout.

Bronze Medal: Sudaporn Seesondee (THA), Mira Potkonen (FIN)

Seesondee is a solid volume puncher who could transition to be a world-class pro if she can find an output that matches the cardio needs of a 12-round fight.

Potkonen at 40-years-old is a two-time Olympic bronze medalist, and a Finnish boxing legend, but never quite could get to the finals. Potkonen had a will unlike any other, and overcame limitations in the ring with that will and volume.

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Lukie Ketelle