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Hebert Sousa – The Brazilian Gold Medalist With An Amazing KO Win

Hebert Sousa will become an Olympic legend if, for nothing else, his iconic KO win over the defensively-flawed Oleksandr Khyzhniak that came with him facing certain defeat before a dramatic left hook knocked out Khyzhniak, which halted the contest, and crowned Hebert Sousa, a Brazilian boxing legend.

Sousa, a patient counter-puncher who works well on the inside looks for windows to exploits, and this was best seen by the Khyzhniak bout in which Khyzhniak was far too reckless for the sharp-shooter.

Sousa was the two seed, and received a first-round only to be followed by a tough bout in the second round against Tuohetaerbieke Tanglatihan of China, who threw a lot as Sousa barely got by him via a 3:2 decision.

Things continued to be rocky as he barely outlasted Abilkhan Amankul in the following round as it looked liked Sousa’s style, a widely effective pro-style could be destined to see him on the bad end of a decision, yet the boxing gods were with him, as he picked up another 3:2 decision.

Sousa’s breakout performance was against Gleb Bakshi, an aggressive and physical brawler with traits of a boxer. Sousa nullified the physical nature of Bakshi and landed the cleanest work of the Olympics in this bout.

Then the moment happened in the finals for gold. Sousa fought Khyzhniak, a wild Ukrainian puncher in the same vein as Ievgen Khytrov and Ivan Baranchyk. Khyzhniak’s only defense is his offense, as he was described as the master of violence via Twitter for his ungodly stamina, and the large amount of volume he unleashes. Sousa was behind on every card, as he was not throwing enough to beat Khyzniak who looked to be a lock to win, as Khyzhniak was caught with a left hook that greatly hurt him. It was an iconic moment and a great come-from-behind story for Sousa.

Notable facts about Hebert Sousa, the 23-year-old doesn’t believe he has a dominant stance as he feels he fights the same from orthodox and southpaw, and only started boxing eight years ago, when he was 15-years-old. Sousa is the second Brazilian to win a gold medal in boxing with the first being Robson Conceição

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Lukie Ketelle

Lukie Ketelle