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Bakhodir Jalolov, The 2020 Super Heavyweight Gold Medal Boxer

They don’t draw pictures of how you win a gold medal and Bakhodir Jalolov will more than likely point to his dominant gold medal win over Richard Torrez Jr., as is defining moment, but Jalolov had a rocky road to the finals.

The heavily favored Uzebekistani fighter, who had knocked out Torrez Jr., two years prior internationally, and is signed with promoter DiBella Entertainment with eight professional fights to his record already, now will have a gold medal as well.

In his first bout he beat Mahammad Abdullayev, in a bout he stayed on the outside for the most part, and despite giving his opponent a standing eight count at one point, the bout lacked much sizzle.

In the following round, Jalolov met Satish Kumar who he had another ho-hum fight with as

The medal rounds Frazer Clarke of Great Brittan gave him a very hard fight even giving Jalolov a standing-eight count, in a competitive bout, the scar tissue over the eyes of Clarke failed him more than his skill or will as Clarke looked more impressive than Jalolov in a loss than Jalolov did in a win.

In the finals, Jalolov rematched Richard Torrez Jr., an exciting American heavyweight he resembles a more polished southpaw Tommy Morrison, as Torrez looked for redemption, winning the first round, before the six or so inch reach advantage became blatantly clear, Jalolov was able to win based on seemingly size, giving Torrez Jr. as standing-eight count in the finals.

Fun facts about Jalolov, he is heavily inspired by Novak Djokovic and influenced in boxing by Wladimir Klitschko. Jalolov being already a somewhat developed pro fighter as well could fight for a world title in roughly the next two years as well.

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Lukie Ketelle

Lukie Ketelle