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Kellie Harrington, Ireland’s Second Female Gold Medalist In Boxing

Get ready for stardom, Kellie Harrington, as here it comes.

A fighter inspired by Katie Taylor, doubled-down on Taylor’s impressive 2012 achievement, of a gold medal having her very own Olympic moment, and certainly should be the face of Irish boxing for the next decade.

Harrington, a well-rounded fighter, who prefers to stay on the outside and accumulate points via distance control and range mostly dominated the Olympic lightweight division.

Harrington was awarded a bye through the first round and faced Rebecca Nicoli, in her first Olympic bout, as Harrington showed off her impressive angles, distance control and ability to pull-counter.

In the following round, it was more of the same Harrington beat Imane Khelif, in a bout that after you watched the first-round you basically had seen the whole fight. Harrington, when she is in control can cruise and Khelif was stuck in the same gear.

Her hardest bout came to Sudaporn Seesondee of Thailand, who had a case to be made for beating Harrington as she outthrew Harrington, and it was the judges who viewed Harrington’s work as the cleaner of the two. The judges awarded the fight 3:2 in Harrington’s favor, but this was a very close bout, and the fighter from Thailand gave her all she can handle.

In the finals, Harrington had another close one the cards don’t reflect it as Beatriz Ferreira applied pressure that threw Harrington a bit off, but Harrington adjusted late and got the decision win.

Fun facts about Harrington, she intends to go back to her part-time job cleaning at the St Vincent’s Psychiatric Hospital in Dublin, Ireland. Harrington is one of 180 openly gay athletes in the 2020 Olympic Games. Harrington had one of the most endearing wins ever as when she won gold her joy and tears were uncontainable, as you couldn’t help but feel for her as the passion she showed – explained the moment for her.

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Lukie Ketelle

Lukie Ketelle