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Why Seniesa Estrada Is A Young Legend Of Boxing

Why You Should Believe The Hype: A three-weight world champion, who currently holds belts at 105 and 108 lbs.

The issue is at the lower weight Estrada truly has no competition, and her lone rival is Marlen Esparza, whom I feel we all want to see her rematch at some point. The big thing is, we see the talent of Estrada, but the worldwide talent isn’t matching her talent, which to be honest you can’t blame her for, but as a fight fan – we somewhat hope to see someone who can challenge her talent.

Title Wins: Marlen Esparza (WBA 112 lbs.), Anabel Ortiz (WBA 105 lbs.), and Tsunami Tenkai (WBO 108 lbs).

Why She Is A Young Legend: Not unlike Canelo Alvarez, Estrada is so good you have to look around multiple weight divisions to find opponents that could possibly give her a challenge. To me it is a sign of true greatness when you seem to be clearly the best in your division.

That being said it is not without faults as Estrada lost her opponent Jacky Calvo, who had a fantastic fight with Aurley Mucino this year, and saw a last-minute sub in Miranda Adkins, cause a lot of bad press. Estrada KO’ed Adkins in mere seconds as it was a clear mismatch, and devalued the level she is on.

Estrada is a part of a new wave of young women who are changing the way people watch boxing. She

What’s Next For Her: We need a true rival. It might be Esparza, but we need someone who can match Estrada, or be competitive with her as we are still waiting for when Estrada gets pushed to the limit in a championship fight.

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Lukie Ketelle

Lukie Ketelle