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Get To Know The 2022 USA Boxing AMBC Elite Championship Team

The bouts are set, and Team USA is ready to bring home some gold medals from Guayaquil, Ecuador at the 2022 AMBC Elite Championships, as the competition starts tomorrow. Here is what you should about Team USA Boxing, and those on the team.


2021 Elite Men’s World Champion Jahmal Harvey, trained by coach Darrell Davis is looking to be a lock for a medal, and will try to win back-to-back gold medals in his first two international elite competitions. The featherweight Harvey is special. Harvey can box, but he hits harder than people think, and has a mean streak needed to be elite in boxing. Between Harvey and Rahim Gonzales, USA Boxing is in good hands with these two fighters.

Light heavyweight Rahim Gonzales, probably would’ve won gold in the Olympics in 2020, but now has to wait until 2024 to win his rightful medal. Gonzales can pick people apart from the outside, but lately has been standing and trading with people and beating them up that way. If Gonzales doesn’t win a gold, I’d be shocked.

Welterweight Omari Jones is one of the best fighters at timing his opponents coming in, and should also have a gold medal as he was given a silver in the world’s which I didn’t agree with. Jones has a great ability to adjust, and is still grow from tournament to tournament which is exciting. On top of that, Jones balances being a USA Boxer with college. A true superman.

Flyweight Roscoe Hill fights like Floyd Mayweather. Yes, seriously. The only disadvantage is Hill is in a weight class a lot of people don’t watch, but Hill is really good and beyond elite. I am curious to see how international judges score his bouts, as he rarely loses rounds.

Also fighting is Jonathan Mansour, who is a fast, tall fighter, from San Diego, California, who reminds me of bringing aspects of Amir Khan’s arsenal to this event as he is awkward with great speed, and a tall frame. Mansour lost in the first round of his last international tournament, so we would like to see a strong showing in this bout. Mansour feels like a big-ticket seller as a pro, and a fighter along with teammate Julius Ballo, who you could build the San Diego boxing market around.

138 lbs Emilio Garcia, will make his elite debut internationally. I believe Garcia spent some time during this camp around the Top Rank gym as well as has a high volume style that can get rewarded on foreign soil. Garcia has won at every level of the amateurs, and never stops punching – the only thing will be to watch how this tier of opponent tries to stop making him punch as much.

75 kg Obed Bartee-El is the most improved amateur over the course of the past year. Bartee-El’s work ethic has made him one of the top emerging Olympians, and now I see him as having a good shot at medaling, and a major statement would be winning gold. Bartee-El, nicknamed “Radar”, has good power, but his awareness and ability to throw punches while his opponent is at the end of his punches is what standout to me as his elite trait.

The 86 kg Arjan Iseni, out of Staten Island, N.Y., is the fighter I want to see the most improvement from. Currently, he is starting to separate at the national level right now, but internationally I want to see his defense improve on the world stage. I am curious to see how Iseni has improved, and the type of performances Iseni will put forth in this event.

The heavyweight Jamar Talley, of Camden, N.J., is starting to look like a Capital G Guy. Good personality, a bigger weight fighter, exciting style, that will surely see him get a good chance to be a world-level pro. Talley impressed me A TON in his last international bout, and I am hoping to see more of the same as Talley has a chance to be the guy in his division for 2024.

Super heavyweight Joshua Edwards, has been one of my favorites along with now pro Brandon Moore, both of whom, I liked the mentality they brought to the ring, though different in their own way. Edwards is a good boxer, and an even better winner. It appears all that was missing for Edwards was experience at this level. Let’s see if he can medal, and then if he can fend off the Cameron Patton’s of the world who are coming up behind him as Richard Torrez Jr.’s void in this division leaves a massive opening.

Women’s Boxing

63 kg Jajaira Gonzalez is one of the best boxers women’s boxing will ever see by the time it is all said and done. Gonzalez is a dominant pressure fighter, and her return to nationals was nothing short of Guy Mariano, the famed skateboard legend, creating a video part a decade or so after leaving his mark on the sport. Gonzalez is a special talent.

52 kg Shera Mae Patricio is a constant winner. Mean, tough and talented. Patricio has been good for seemingly ever, and I expect her to push herself to the limit as she faces international competition, but more so, Patricio is now seeing the daylight for the Olympic Games in 2024. Patricio is one fighter to keep an eye on, and has true star potential.

Kayla Gomez has replaced Patricio for the 52 kg fighter.

50 kg: Jennifer Lozano, not unlike her near and dear friend, Rahim Gonzales, Lozano can do everything. Lozano can box, she can trade with you, and she can dog it out. Lozano is as elite as you can find in the lower weights, and I expect her to only get better year after year.

57 kg: Amelia Moore is one of the tallest fighters in her division, and uses the distance well. Moore is a seasoned veteran, who is now looking to earn some medals, gain more experience and make a run for the Olympic Games. I truly think if we see the Amelia Moore from the last nationals we should see an Amelia Moore with a gold medal.

60 kg: Rashida Ellis, the sister of “Speedy” and Ronald Ellis, is one of the most veteran fighters on the team, and one who knows how to fight a mature fight. Not unlike, when Rau’shee Warren was in his final Olympic years, the experience Ellis has in the ring is unmatched, and I am looking to see her go on a run over the next few years.

66 kg: Arika Skoog will be fighting which is a bit odd since Stephanie Simon won nationals at this division. Skoog has always been a solid fighter at every level, and I wish her well – but I wish Simon could’ve gotten to fight, as Skoog fighting in her place puts her in a weird spot, none of which being her fault.

70 kg: Morelle McCane is one of the best in her weight class, a solid boxer-puncher, who fought at the Olympic Trials qualifiers and will more than likely be there in 2024. I do believe, McCane is yet another world-level amateur Renaro Safo has trained. What a great coach.

75 kg: Naomi Graham, has been a force for years and represented not just Team USA Boxing, but the Army with grace and dignity. Graham should win gold, and should be a pillar of a 2024 Olympic boxing run.

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