Rolly Urges Fans To Bet Big And Get Rich, Ahead Of PPV Fight Against Tank Davis

Rolando Romero will come in as a healthy underdog to Gervonta Davis, this Saturday, May 28th for his pay-per-view clash at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York, but it appears he hasn’t gotten the memo.

Romero has carried the promotion in terms of talking, while Davis has gone on every national media outlet that would have him, having built up quite the buzz for a fight many people shunned when first announced.

For those unaware, Romero comes off as the clown who may have found himself in detention a few times in his life in high school, but meant well, often spoke honestly. The more Romero has spoken in the build up to his fight with Gervonta Davis, the more people have wanted to listen. I think they call that “the power of personality”.

Beyond that, a Romero has created a movement that his fans have embraced.

“Make your money betting on me in this fight. We’re all going to get rich together,” said Romero at the media work on Wednesday in New York.

For fans following this logic they can do so here using the new user code for BETMGM, as this fight not just is a grudge match, but a fight that has openly embraced sports gambling. Davis is quiet, not the greatest talker, but all of his fights except one have ended in a knockout. “Tank” Davis fights like he has had a hard life, and wants the people he fights to feel it.

Now everyone is interested in the question of can Rolando Romero back up the trash he talks – because if he can, he is an overnight sensation.

Rolando Romero is not at all afraid and has become a star in the process. Despite the trash-talk, Romero has an innocent charm about him. Romero is a good person, he has always done right by me, when a lot haven’t, and even when he wants to get under an opponent’s skin, it appears everyone enjoys the conversational setpiece he puts forth.

“This guy Davis talks about everything but the fight. He’s taking this fight personally. My job is just to beat him up. He’s very emotional. That’s why I’ve been calling him out,” said Romero at Thursday’s press conference as it is clear, Romero is playing mental warfare with Davis.

Davis was much calmer.

“I don’t think he’s awkward. I just think he’s a guy who just started fighting. He’s like someone who just came into the gym. He’s like someone who thinks he’s nice now even though he hasn’t gotten it down pat yet. Real fighters know awkward fighters, he’s just a dumb fighter,” said Davis.

Let’s stat the facts. On paper, Davis is the higher profile fighter with more marquee victories, and Romero is unproven, yet as a pro, but Romero self-belief got him this fight. Romero is a generational puncher not unlike Deontay Wilder, in his last fight against Isaac Cruz, was great tested.

A great PPV fight often comes down to storylines, but also, what-if’s. What if the big punch lands? This fight has all of that, and more so, it is bringing sports gambling front and center to the boxing.

This Saturday, the start of summer begins with a clash of two interesting and outspoken lightweight doing battle as big-time boxing returns to the Barclays Center.

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Lukie Ketelle

Lukie Ketelle