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Brandon Glanton Ready For David Light, Dec. 2nd on ProBox TV

“I respect any man willing to get in the ring with me, but seriously I am going to kill this guy,” said Brandon Glanton during a media call today ahead of his December 2nd fight on, taking place in Plant City, Florida, which you can subscribe to the service here.

Glanton has amassed an impressive record thus far in his career, a perfect 17-0, with 14 wins coming by way of knockout. The current WBO Global cruiserweight champion, Glanton, says his power damages people, as he confidently can say 11 people who have faced him either no longer fight, or are no longer the same fighter. When speaking of this camp, an unnamed sparring partner lost two teeth from a sparring session, as Glanton somberly reflected upon the fact that he knows that fighter will never be the same again either.

“God gave me a gift that I can really hurt people,” said Glanton. “I am not trying to win fights I want to inflict as much damage as possible.” 

His current opponent for this fight is also undefeated, as David Light, of New Zealand, will look to battle “Bulletproof” Glanton over the course of a scheduled ten rounds with not just the WBO Global title on the line, but the WBO International cruiserweight title as well. Most notable about Light’s career is he holds a win over a former light heavyweight world title challenger in Trent Broadhurst

The current WBO champion is Lawrence Okolie, a man that is on Glanton’s radar but is not being mentioned prior to this fight as he doesn’t want to overlook Light

Lawrence Okolie isn’t interested in fighting me right now, he is a smart man,” Glanton explained to start. “Furthermore, I have a fight in front of me right now. So how disrespectful would be to not only myself, but David Light to look past him as if he isn’t there? The guy is going to show up, and he does have a family.” 

The point of this bout from a political capital sense would be the winner would vault further up the rankings of the WBO and position themselves into a nice spot to challenge for the WBO world title in the near future. As for Glanton, he is thrilled with ProBox as he will be fighting in his third fight in five months, since fighting on ProBoxTV, Glanton has been very active. 

“ProBox has been a blessing to my career,” stated Brandon Glanton about the streaming service which has given him a platform to show his exciting style. “I like Garry [Jonas]. He is a realist, a lot of people might not like that about him, but I do. Look man, I am 30 years old, I don’t have time to play around…at this point in my career it is either crap or get off the pot, and Garry is giving me that opportunity.”

As for his alter-ego, “Bulletproof”, Glanton tries his best to explain the transformation from a jovial, happy-go-lucky guy, to one of the most feared cruiserweights in the division.

“It is literally a different person in there,” said Glanton, when he enters the ring as “Bulletproof”. “When I make that transformation, as crazy as it sounds, I literally get stronger, I get more mentally locked in, I can see how things will unfold, and I can see things happening. I don’t talk much…when that happens it is different.”

“Bulletproof” was best seen in action in a 2021 Fight of the Year-type fight dwarfed by the mega-fights of last fall in the awards race when he won a split decision over Efe Apochi.

Now you can witness the man they call on Dec. 2nd, live on ProBoxTV, as he looks further his way up the cruiserweight world rankings. 

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Lukie Ketelle

Lukie Ketelle