09 May 2020

The 10 Hardest Punchers in Boxing History | SHAVERS, FOREMAN, TYSON AND MORE

Hardest punchers in boxing history what does that mean? Well, it is quite simply, these are the guys you don’t want to stand in front of and punch with, guys who have god-gifted power that is not teachable in the gym and could right technical wrongs with their fists, or

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15 May 2016

Time traveling fan spotted in Mike Tyson fight?

In sort of a fun Sunday story that first came to my attention through the CoastToCoast website, but was discovered by Express. A fan watching hours of footage on Mike Tyson appears to have caught the glimpse of someone using an iPhone to record the fight in 1995. Now this could

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30 Apr 2015

Mike Tyson “Floyd Mayweather is a ‘very scared, little man’

Mike Tyson recently did an interview with UCNLive in which he took full aim at his dislike for Floyd Mayweather. ” [Mayweather] is very delusional, if he was anywhere near the realm of Ali, he would be able to take his kids to school by himself.” Tyson remarked. This was in response

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