18 Oct 2017

Rest in Peace, Jerry Hoffman, Boxing legend passes

It is with a heavy heart, ITRBoxing.com (Lukie) would like to write that we lost a friend of ours, Jerry Hoffman. Jerry was a boxing promoter, a sports personality and much more, he promoted some of the best Northern California cards known to man which were entitled “The Riot in

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31 May 2017

A Tribute to legendary boxing manager, Herb Stone

Herb Stone was a great man. Some might come here for a list of the accomplishments Herb Stone achieved throughout his career both in his professional life and as a boxing manager. The honest truth is, it would be too long to list and I am under qualified to write

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04 Jul 2015

Remembering Bay Area Boxing Legend David “Sarge” Neeleman

  I first met Sarge last year, which is too short of a time to have known him , but long enough for him to have had a lasting impact upon my life. David “Sarge” Neeleman, whom anyone who knew him called him Sarge was a constant professional as for

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