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Crawford “I am not worried if I am being avoided”

On whether Crawford is avoided (ducked) in his division


“I’m not worried if I am being avoided by anyone as long as I get to fight the best out there. In this business if you don’t fight you don’t eat. And the fans are smart enough to know a good fight. They are not about to settle for anything less. Why should they? They work hard for their money too. So if other fighters want to go hungry because they are looking for easy fights, that’s their business. But that’s not for me. I love this sport too much and I owe a lot to the fans who pay to see me fight. They deserve to see the best fight the best, which is why I am fighting Postol. We are two undefeated champions risking our world titles and our undefeated records to fight each other to determine the best fighter in the division. It’s the ultimate test. We both want to know who the best junior welterweight is and on July 23 we are going to find out.”



“Everyone knows that most 140 pound champions have avoided Terence. That is not a problem because our feeling is either fight us or get out of the game. Fighters are like buses. If one speeds off as you approach you don’t run after it. You wait a few minutes for the next one to come by. Terence isn’t chasing anyone. He only wants to fight the top fighters who are confident enough in their talents to meet him head on. And that’s what you’re going to see on July 23rd — a head-on collision between two undefeated world champions and the class of the 140 pound division.”

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Lukie Ketelle

Lukie Ketelle