Flyweight Rankings



Julio Cesar Martinez

  1. Angel Ayala Lardizabal
  2. Francisco Rodriguez Jr
  3. Ricardo Sandoval
  4. Moruti Mthalana
  5. Giemel Magramo
  6. Seigo Yuri Akui
  7. Muhammad Waseem
  8. Thananchai Charunphak
  9. Jackson Chauke
  10. Cristofer Rosales



Artem Dalakian

  1. David Jimenez
  2. Ricardo Sandoval
  3. Felix Alvarado
  4. Angel Ramos
  5. Samuel Carmona
  6. Dave Apolinario
  7. Tanes Ongjunta
  8. Jade Bornea
  9. Luis Concepcion
  10. Anthony Olascuaga



Sunny Edwards

  1. Ricardo Sandoval
  2. Vacant
  3. Felix Alvarado
  4. Jayson Mama
  5. Muhammad Waseem
  6. Joselito Velazquez
  7. Samuel Carmona
  8. Rosendo Guarneros
  9. Andres Campos
  10. Dave Apolinario



Junto Nakatani

  1. Ricardo Sandoval
  2. Jackson Chauke
  3. Christian Gonzalez
  4. Seigo Yuri Akui
  5. Olimjon Nazarov
  6. Andres Campos
  7. Angel Ayala Lardizabal
  8. Genisis Libranza
  9. Moruti Mthalane
  10. Angel Acosta

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Felix Gracia

Felix Gracia

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