Jr Bantamweight Rankings



Jesse Rodriguez

  1. Roman Gonzalez
  2. Srisaket Sor Rungvisai
  3. Pedro Guevara
  4. Donnie Nietes
  5. Norbelto Jimenez
  6. Andrew Moloney
  7. Kosei Tanaka
  8. Jerwin Ancajas
  9. Yanga Sigqibo
  10. Carlos Caudras



Juan Francisco Estrada

  1. Roman Gonzalez
  2. Sirichai Thaiyen
  3. Donnie Nietes
  4. Keiver Fernandez
  5. Andrew Moloney
  6. David Cuellar
  7. Kenta Nakagawa
  8. Ronal Batista
  9. Charlie Edwards
  10. Norbelto Jimenez



Fernando Martinez

  1. Jade Bornea
  2. Vacant
  3. Charlie Edwards
  4. Francisco Rodriguez
  5. Kosei Tanaka
  6. Jerwin Ancajas
  7. Modammed Obbadi
  8. Sho Ishida
  9. Jonathan Javier Rodriguez
  10. Prince Patel



Kazuto Ioka

  1. Donnie Nietes
  2. Nobelto Jimenez
  3. Kosei Tanaka
  4. Jerwin Ancajas
  5. Francisco Rodriguez Jr
  6. Andrew Moloney
  7. Pedro Guevara
  8. Yanga Sigqibo
  9. Pedro Guevara
  10. KJ Cataraja

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Felix Gracia

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