Cruiserweight Rankings



Ilunga Makabu

  1. Aleksei Papin
  2. Noel Mikaelyan
  3. Thabiso Mchunu
  4. Mateusz Masternak
  5. Badou Jack
  6. Chris Billam-Smith
  7. Richard Riakporhe
  8. Yuniel Dorticos
  9. Yamil Alberto Peralta
  10. Ryan Rozicki



Arsen Goulamirian

  1. Yuniel Dorticos
  2. Aleksei Egorov
  3. Badou Jack
  4. Kamshybek Kunkabayev
  5. Chris Billam-Smith
  6. Firat Arslan
  7. Mike Perez
  8. Brandon Glanton
  9. Huseyin Cinkara
  10. Roman Fress



Mairis Briedis

  1. Vacant
  2. Vacant
  3. Chris Billam-Smith
  4. Jai Opetaia
  5. Mateusz Masternak
  6. Jack Massey
  7. Huseyin Cincara
  8. Roman Fress
  9. Alante Green
  10. Jason Whateley



Lawrence Okolie

  1. Murat Gasslev
  2. Mateusz Masternak
  3. Chris Billam-Smith
  4. Badou Jack
  5. Yuniel Dorticos
  6. Jai Opetaia
  7. Juergen Uldedaj
  8. Roman Fress
  9. Michal Cieslak
  10. Richard Riakporhe

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Felix Gracia

Felix Gracia

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