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Jamaine Ortiz Looks To Make A Name For Himself This Year

Worcester, Mass’ own Jamaine Ortiz (13-0, 7KOs) might not be a household name at 135 lbs, but he is hopeful that by the end of the year that will change.

The 23-year-old Ortiz, who is looking at fighters who have increased their earning potential via social media analytics, numbers, data all that nerd stuff, and get highly coveted objects of commercial wealth is now partnering with a social media marketing team in hopes of building himself up in the sport of boxing.

“Teaming up with Break Media getting videos out and letting people know who Jarmaine Ortiz is,” Ortiz said about his decision to venture into getting a marketing group to help with his career. “You have to create yourself as a business, once that adds up, now your an entity, and you know, once you have a certain amount of followers you can sell anything.”

Ortiz, who is trained by two trainers Carlos Garcia and Rocky Gonzalez, feels this will be recipe for success.

“The one I started with Carlos Garcia, is like a father figure to me, who can push my limits, and keeps my mind at the safest possible place,” said Ortiz. “..and then I have Rocky Gonzalez, who is the man behind the technician and we work a lot on technique, strategies, and gameplans.”

Ortiz is no stranger to the top of the division having fought Jaron “Boots” Ennis, Gary Antuanne Russell, Richardson Hitchens, and Abraham Nova, as he is looking to face these world-class fighters soon, on the world stage for a world-class paycheck. In fact, despite fighting Nova as an amateur, he actually spars with Nova who is trained by Hector Bermudez of Universal Training.

Ortiz actually made it to the semi-finals of the 2015 Olympic Trials, which is no small feat and is approaching the point of a top 15 ranking in the sanctioning bodies. In fact, Ortiz has not been babied so far in his career as CES Boxing as well as his team has put him in with some tough opposition early on facing Ricardo Quiroz (10-0), Romain Couture (8-1-1) and Luis Ronaldo Castillo (22-5) in his last three fights.

“I think it is very simple, my team, my manager, my coach and I, we all work together as a team, I do my part and train hard,” said Ortiz upon facing some fighters in his last bouts. “Whoever they throw at me I always say yes to, I don’t turn down fights, and I want to be the best, and it ain’t a problem taking on those 10-0 guys.”

Ortiz has the mindset of a throwback fighter, and not surprisingly he is competitive with the past as he looks at past champions and examines what they had done.

“I look at [boxing legends] and compare at what age they were accomplishing things,” said Ortiz. “I take what is good, and try to apply it myself as a fighter.”

Ortiz who is signed to CES Boxing, a company looking to establish themselves on the frontlines of boxing with what they believe to be a star in their hands in Ortiz.

“It is good because they keep me active,” said Ortiz “My last fight was live on UFC Fight Pass which was a big platform, before that it was always hosted on Fight Night Live, and they’re doing their best at getting me exposure.”

Ortiz of Puerto Rican descent is looking to one day fight on the grandest stages of the fight game, but represent Puerto Rico in the process of doing it. As for now, Ortiz like all of us has to shelter-in-place and wait for COVID-19 to calm down before we can get back to fistfights as usual.

Ortiz is an exciting fighter with a deep amateur pedigree and fought a solid opposition of opponents, now it simply comes down to how he progresses, as well as the opportunities that are afforded him over the next few years.

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Lukie Ketelle