Mike Tyson Involved in Altercation on an Airplane

As first reported by TMZ, former Heavyweight Champion, ”Iron” Mike Tyson (50-6, 44 KOs) was involved in a scuffle aboard a Jet Blue flight from California to Florida on Wednesday night. According to several witnesses a fellow passenger was excited to meet the icon and Mike was very receptive at first, even posed for a couple of photos and engaged in brief conversation. Eventually Mike politely asked the patron to stop talking on multiple occasions and grew more and more frustrated. When he did not listen, Mike stood up and unleashed a few punches to the man’s face multiple times until neighboring passenger’s helped calm Mike down.

A few witnesses aboard the plane have stated the man was very intoxicated and was antagonizing Mike for a long period of time. The culprit was seen with a some cuts on his head and received medical attention immediately after leaving the aircraft.

A video from the incident can be found here:

ITR has reached out to Jet Blue Airlines for a statement and as of this writing we do not have an update to provide.

Based on the videos and eye witness statements, it appears that while Mike did lose his cool, he did try to defuse the situation multiple times until he reached his boiling point. This isn’t the first time Mike Tyson has been involved in incidents with patrons that wish to antagonize him in person. In 2003 during a stay at a New York hotel, a couple of guests at the hotel began shouting at Mike in an attempt to get him to fight in a two on one brawl, one of the two armed with a large metal pole as a weapon. In the end, both men were taken to nearby hospitals for minor injuries and faced multiple charges for menacing and harassing the former Champion. Mike walked away clean.

Not exactly sure why any human would want to do this, but if you poke the bear long enough he will attack.

We will continue to post updates to this story as they come in.

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