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2022 Prospect of the Year Under 10 Fights: Keyshawn Davis

2022 Winner: Keyshawn Davis

2021 Winner: Amari Jones

Combined Record Of Opponents: 107-22-4 | 

The most heavily hyped U.S. Olympian from the 2020 Olympic class has set himself up as a young fighter to watch. Though most might think of him as a slick boxer, I see Davis, as a very effective pressure fighter, who has elements of Andre Berto’s explosive power we saw in his rise along with a great concept and use of distance as well as a special awareness.

In under ten fights, Davis already an eight-round fighter, gets to share the podium with the main event fighters, and though he is still in the developmental process of his career – he is putting forth the performances that a major company would want from backing such a young talent in the sport.

In terms of lineage, Top Rank Inc. is hoping that Davis is the next great U.S. Olympian following in the footsteps of Errol Spence Jr., and Shakur Stevenson.

Davis is living up to the billing so far, and though his competition has been limited if you look at the combined record of his opponents they were experienced and had more wins than losses. Now comes the interesting part in 2023, how does he handle stepping up, and can Davis transition from the best fighter under ten fights currently, to the full-fledged prospect of the year, as many expect?

Davis has the team, the talent, and the system in place – now it comes down to the performances. Stopping a former reputable world title challenger in December just shows his potential even more so his offensive gifts tell 

Congrats to one of the future pillars of boxing.

Honorable Mentions

Bruce Carrington – Carrington has looked the part of a special fighter in 2022, as he has established himself as being more than just a guy that fights on the undercard. His knockout performances are getting him attention, and his promoter, Top Rank Inc., is doing features on him already so early in his career.

Carrington is a future big-ticket seller when he main events the New York market, and might be the next big New York fighter.

Combined Record Of Opponents: 33-15-2

Skye Nicolson – The only woman on this list. Nicolson has impressed me a ton as she has stayed incredibly active as a fighter. Though her style is best described as risk-averse, she is effective. I think she has a ceiling, but she screams of being an overachiever, who is a hard worker, and deserves praise for all that she did this year.

All five of Nicolson’s fights have come in 2022 as she has stayed incredibly active, and essentially become a world title contender in less than a full calendar year.

Combined Record Of Opponents: 30-25-1

Jahi Tucker – Tucker’s hard work is going unnoticed by a lot of people, but not me. Tucker goes viral on social media when he fights, and beyond that, he is fighting very good competition, the type of opponents that usually give fighters trouble at this stage of his career.

Tucker is awkward and unconventional, but his offensive onslaught is highly effective. Next year should be a big year for Tucker as he is nearing the point of being in fights with credible contenders or fringe contenders which is often when we start to plot the trajectory of a prospect. I am high on Tucker since I think his upside from a skills standpoint and marketing-wise is through the roof.

Combined Record Of Opponents: 55-15-3

Troy Isley – A fighter who keeps getting better. A pro-ready style that has molded well from the amateurs to the pros. Isley has a ton of potential in a division void of a stand-out star in the post-Golovkin era of a middleweight. 

Combined Record Of Opponents: 32-13-1

Charlie Sheehy – In just five fights, no other prospect has moved as fast as Charlie Sheehy outside of Keyshawn Davis, another lightweight prospect, and this year’s award winner. Sheehy is a force for the top of the division

Combined Record Of Opponents: 8-2-2

Abdullah Mason – The lightweights at Top Rank is really good, and will be a centerpiece of the company in the next three-to-five years. Mason is fast, explosive, and shows traits of being a young phenom. 

Combined Record Of Opponents: 8-5-1

Travon Marshall – I wish he had fought more this year, but Travon Marshall has fought two tough fighters in six fights. The issue this year was Marshall only fought twice in 2022, as opposed to four times in 2021. 

Combined Record Of Opponents: 27-19

Ernesto Mercado – The only unsigned fighter on the list. Lightweight “Tito” Mercado is a fighter who has won every fight by knockout as he stopped former world title contender Jayson Velez in his last fight. Mercado should be signed ASAP, and in the mix as soon as summer 2023. 

Combined Record Of Opponents: 86-51-6

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Lukie Ketelle

Lukie Ketelle