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2022 Boxing Prospect of the Year: Robeisy Ramirez

2022 Winner: Robeisy Ramirez

2021 Winner: Jesus Ramos Jr

Robeisy Ramirez fits our bill for Prospect of the Year, as the two-time Olympic Gold Medalist, who is most famous for losing his pro debut, has reinvented himself as a very bad boy in the sport of boxing. Ramirez used to be mainly a pure boxer, but in his two big wins this year over Abraham Nova and Romero, Nova came to his opponent which not just showed adaptation to his style, but growth. 

Ramirez to me is the best featherweight in the world with a world title, and he is the most suitable fighter for being the prospect of the year as he fits the bill of the best young fighter in the sport, who hasn’t been afforded a world title shot, yet. Next year should see his rise to glory as Ramirez more than likely will run his division for a good period of time. 

In the Romero fight we did see him load up, and fall in love with his power, not unlike Nonito Donaire when Donaire was on his HBO run, but Robeisy Ramirez, to me, and the ITRBoxing staff, looks the part of a future world champion, and the prospect of the year. 

His constant improvement along with taking hard fight has him as the most notable prospect in boxing in 2022. 

Honorable Mention

Xander Zayas – It is clear Xander Zayas is one of the cornerstones and future of boxing – or at the very least, will be in a few major fights, and be a major ticket seller for Top Rank Inc. This award could’ve easily gone to him, but the difference was simple – Ramirez had the bigger wins, against the tougher competition. We simply look at who you are fighting to give out the award. 

Diego Pacheco – Pacheco has fought two-to-three tough opponents over the past year that are on the level closer to a contender than a prospect. Pacheco’s win over Enrique Collazo, a tough guy, a skilled guy, showed that Pacheco isn’t far away from being a contender. With Jose Benavidez Sr., now guiding his career his future looks bright.

Jared Anderson – The best modern American heavyweight I have seen in some time, deserves mention, but didn’t get the major win to propel him into this award this year. 

Katsuma Akitsugi – The most underrated fighter in the sport as a whole. Akitsugi has defeated four undefeated fighters in a mere ten fights. Coming in as a b-side he defeated Rasheen Brown and Gregory Morales this year, both of whom were undefeated. Not the prospect of the year, but deserves note. 

Tiger Johnson – As talented and gifted a fighter as anyone on this list. Johnson feels special, and I can’t wait to see when his competition rises as I believe he will get better as the competition gets better. Right on the line between a prospect and a contender. 

Michael Angeletti – A win over Jeremy Adorno, an undefeated fighter, who used to be signed by Top Rank Inc., is a big win. Angeletti is looking to be a problem for the 122 lbs division and should be one of the names we see emerge in 2023.

Jahi Tucker – An exciting pressure fighter with a ton of personality, who stepped up his competition this year. Tucker will be a guy to watch and see how he develops in 2023.

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Lukie Ketelle

Lukie Ketelle