Fighter Of The Month – March 2023: Tim Tszyu

Though this caused a lot of internal debate, the decision was made. Many people doubted Tszyu before his fight with Tony Harrison, and now sing his praises after. Tim Tszyu, the son of Kosta Tszyu, was met with a lot of doubt, as a lot of second-generation fighters tend to be more of a nostalgia act, as we fondly remember the father and enjoy seeing their child remind us of previous greatness.

That is not the case with Tszyu. Tim Tszyu is a star in his own right, though not in the same league as Gennadiy Golovkin, Tim Tszyu has some of the traits of a young Golovkin, such as the ability to cut off the ring, and a fierce style that is hard for a back-foot boxer to avoid. Sure, Tony Harrison is older, but even still, only the world champions have beaten him. With Tszyu stopping Harrison it was not just a marquee win, it was a statement.

Three months into the year and we have yet to have a truly sexy name stand-out in the sport, as January saw Liam Smith win the award followed by Mauricio Lara, the alarming trend is that no fighter fighting on U.S. soil in the first three months of 2023 has been the best fighter of the month, speaking to the global shift of the sport, as whether we like it or not, the United States is no longer the industry leader in the sport of boxing.

Tszyu, who defeated Harrison, in Australia, was one the major moment of the month for our panel, as despite David Benavidez having a breakout moment Many on the panel, felt that Harrison would beat Tim Tszyu, and the fact that he didn’t was a bigger win than Benavidez winning a 12-round decision over Caleb Plant.

Honorable Mentions

David Benavidez – The second-best performance of the month, who just didn’t quite have the impact Tszyu had earlier in the month, but a case of 1a versus 1b. Benavidez started his super middleweight reign by defeating Caleb Plant.

Cody Crowley – One of the most sincere people in the sport of boxing, Crowley’s tribute to his father who committed suicide recently, was matched by an exciting fight between himself and Abel Ramos. A breakout star.

Elijah Garcia – A young fighter, who defeated a veteran in Amilicar Vidal. Garcia has all the makings of a world champion in the middleweight division.

Mohamed Soumaoro – Soumaoro has won back-to-back upset wins on, one of our favorite platforms as it offers an affordable price point and evenly contested matches. Soumaoro stopped Angel Vazquez in a super lightweight bout and now is a fringe contender.

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Lukie Ketelle

Lukie Ketelle