21 Sep 2022

Muhammad Ali’s other grandson gets in the fight game … the MMA fight game

Biaggio Ali Walsh the grandson of the legendary Muhammad Ali, a three-time world heavyweight boxing champion, and brother of professional boxer Nico, an undefeated middleweight will look to add to his family legacy in combat sports. He just isn’t doing it in a boxing ring. Biaggio has decided to take

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18 Aug 2021

Why Kayla Harrison Is Awesome.

Kayla Harrison is sick of the b.s. thrown at most female fighters and doesn’t take crap, and I love it. Harrison, who fights in the semi-finals of PFLs Playoffs, tomorrow night, on ESPN2, August 19th, at 6 PM PST, is truly becoming the most interesting figure in MMA. Kayla Harrison

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09 Jun 2021

Most Decorated Women’s Boxer Ever, Claressa Sheilds Makes MMA Debut Tomorrow on ESPN2

When: June 10th, Thursday, ESPN2, 7 PM PST Claressa Shields already has a heck of a resume. Two-time Olympic gold medalist, Shields became a unified world champion in four fights by stopping undefeated world champion Nikki Adler, winning the WBC super middleweight world title and IBF super middleweight world title.

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