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Arum speaks on Walters-Lomachenko

One of the most demanded fights in boxing recently fell apart due to the infamous high demand of money. Vasyl Lomanchenko & Nicholas Walters is one intriguing bout that many fight fans drool to see. Their wish almost came true as talks for the fight were in hot stages before crumbling down and now Lomanchenko is due to face Puerto Rican, Rocky Martinez in the summer.

The reason being, Walters demanded a higher purse than his original $500,000. As if half a million wasn’t enough, Loma, as some call him, even offered to give $300,000 from his purse to Walters should he win the fight. Which would of put him at a staggering $800,000. 

We last saw Walters in December of 2015 take on New Jersey prospect Jason Sosa. Though Walters took most of the rounds in many fans eyes, he ended up with a draw against a guy some say he should of blew out of the water. Had Walters done exactly as expected, maybe his demand would seem more reasonable. He didn’t though, and even if so, $500,000 is enough for a fight like this.

Tha Boxing Voice’ s Sean Zittel recently interviewed Top Rank promoter Bob Arum about the fight and the demand Walters was seeking. 

“These fighters can’t ask for wild money when its not there.” Said Arum, referring to Walters who wanted $850,000 for the fight.

“I have to put up with HBO, they were putting up what they thought were sufficient funds. I had to put more than what HBO was giving, I can’t do more.” 

 Like he mentions, HBO has a set amount they give to promoters to pay the fighters. Arum claims he had to put money from his pocket as well to satisfy both guys with the purses but Walters still refused.

“It’s okay to go into your own pocket for maybe $100,000 but you can’t ask us to go into our own pockets for $850,000 even $500,000, it just doesn’t work. We’re not a charitable organization.” 

As mentioned, Lomanchenko is slotted to face Roman Rocky Martinez this summer now that the fight with Walters is out of the question.

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Sergio Pesina

Sergio Pesina