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Gennady Golovkin “If you’re fake, you support Canelo. If you’re real, you support me.”

In front of thousands of boxing fans, WBA and WBC middleweight Gennady Golovkin did his part in the pre-fight hype leading up to next months massive fight between “Canelo” Alvarez and himself, Gennady Golovkin from the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada on September 15th.

“If you’re fake, you support Canelo. If you’re real, you support me.” said Gennady Golovkin in front of a slew of media in Los Angeles, CA in a private room before the middleweight did a brief workout for thousands to see the boxing star train for the day.

Golovkin’s side has been frustrated with Alvarez since the last fight with frustrations stemming from the results of a draw when seemingly most of the media (myself included) scored the bout for Golovkin, Canelo failing a drug test as well as Alvarez’s ability to only have to do limited media events, interviews, etc.

“Triple G knows the boxing world would go bananas, especially Canelo, especially Golden Boy if he had of failed the drug test…he just feels if he had of failed the [drug] test, it would have been a disaster for him.” said Tom Loeffler, Golovkin longtime promoter.

The statement echoes feelings that linger throughout the dialogue of this fight – fairness. Golovkin has wanted equitable treatment, but the star-power of Canelo has overshadowed him from the start. From a 50-50 purse to having to answer the question about a failed drug test to Golovkin feeling like Canelo didn’t stand and trade with him like he said in the ring, Golovkin comes off as feeling as though he is morally right and being ignored. He isn’t entirely wrong, but he isn’t entirely right either.

Despite the fact Golovkin is a star, especially during his HBO run leading up to the Daniel Jacobs fight, he never had to contend with a true superstar of the sport. The harsh reality is, in business Golovkin is second fiddle to Canelo and he has to cave to certain demands, but that being said – Canelo might be getting a bit too much in his favor.

Golovkin was a big puncher during an era in which two of the biggest pay-per-view draws were retiring in Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao, as well as future stars Vasyl Lomachenko, Terence Crawford, Errol Spence, Mikey Garcia and Deontay Wilder, were not quite at their apex. Golovkin was a solid fighter who filled the void for a lot of fight fans and casual fans loved his style since it was one of brute force.

As the fight nears, the tension grows as the legacy of this bout continues to build steam as one of the most unique organic rivalries the sport has seen in some time.

“I don’t want a decision. I work hard every day…I like to punch.” said Golovkin, when asked how the fight would impact his legacy as most thought he won the first bout, but he didn’t separate himself from his opposition.

The most telling aspect of this fight and the tension is the fact that Gennady Golovkin when asked if he would go to Canelo’s corner after the fight in victory or defeat and wish him well and Golovkin truly couldn’t answer it. It was an oddly real moment, in which a fighter of a certain ilk rarely offers that much honesty.

“I don’t know, I could say yes or no, but every day is a different day, different emotion[SIC].” said Golovkin when speaking about the conclusion of the bout.

As for Golovkin’s trainer, Abel Sanchez he has no reservations about his thoughts on the bout even explaining the tactical gameplan to a certain degree.

“Golovkin is going to be aggressive, Golovkin has been aggressive in all of his fights. If Canelo is being truthful to what he is saying and a man of honor, who comes to fight and comes to win. I am not saying standing toe-to-toe, but comes to win, throw punches, try to knock Golovkin out….and if you do you will be at range for Golovkin to do the things you are trying to do to him as well” said Sanchez.

As we lead-up to fight week, Golovkin is more vocal than ever, even though he has a translator during ever media event, is at times not answering questions in English as well as very limited his media presence. Golovkin is dead serious about this fight since this is the bout that his whole legacy will be remembered upon. He built up a great record and won multiple world titles, but the fact remains that he needs that marquee definitive win and he has let to do that.

The most interesting question of the whole scrum came at the end when Golovkin was asked if he would every consider rekindling a friendship with Alvarez.

“Why not! If he comes back to real-life absolutely. If he stays a fake, it is impossible for him…because I can’t.”

The two middleweights will do battle on HBO Pay-Per-View on September 15th from Las Vegas, Nevada at the T-Mobile Arena, ticket information can be found

Doors open at 2 PM.

PPV card starts at 6 PM.

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