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Cornejo beats tough veteran Toughill in Sunday night bout

Well, it might not of been the most technical bout, ever, but Maricela Cornejo picked up a win over MMA pioneer Erin Toughill despite former WBC featherweight world champion, Kevin Kelly seeing it otherwise from his vantage point at the color commentary desk.

The bout was rough as neither Cornejo nor Toughill dominated the fight. Toughill consistently came forward and looked more accurate, but her 41-year-old self appeared a step slower than the younger Cornejo who was fighting on the backfoot and outboxing the aggressor. The truth of the matter is, the bout was clunky, neither got settled and just felt like a stalemate with Cornejo appearing to have more awareness of what to do, but also, not throwing enough punches to separate, which is the keyword at the club level.

The judges saw the bout 79-73, 79-73 and 78-74 all for Cornejo, the cards felt a bit wide.

Blue-chip prospect Brian Ceballo had a bit of a scare as he was never knocked out in the fifth round by a tough Randy Fuentes. For the seven-fight professional, this was his first time a fight had gone beyond the fourth, his other two six-rounders ended early via knockout both in the second round.


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Lukie Ketelle

Lukie Ketelle