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2020 Olympic Boxing Results – Day Eight First Gold Medal Match Set

Notable Performances

Men’s Flyweight

Yuberjen Martínez (COL) defeated Amit Panghal (IND) – Martinez is feeling like a generational talent, as his pressure, will and ability to cut off the ring, left the #1 seed Panghal trying to survive in the second half of the fight rather than trying to win. Martinez is looking like a fighter who could win a world title with less than ten pro bouts, the big question will be, will a promoter be willing to sign a flyweight that more than likely would have more success downward than at the higher weights. Nonetheless, Martinez is one of my favorites from this Olympic Games.

Ryomei Tanaka (JPN) defeated Hu Jianguan (CHN) – Ryomei Tanaka is having an impressive Olympics as he had probably the toughest bracket to come out of to win a medal, and still has one of the best fighters in the tournament ahead of him, but opening up a cut on Jianguan, allowed him to when a points decision once the bout was waved off. Tanaka is a fantastic body puncher and is showing to be a fighter who rises to the moment.

Yosvany Veitía (CUB) defeated Sulemanu Tetteh (GHA) – A close fight in which Tetteh needed more rounds for his style be much more effective, as in a three-round fight it was hard for him to wear out Veitia to land at will on him. Veitia is one of the better Cuban’s at this year’s Olympics, as he is elusive and capable of winning each and every fight on his backfoot being a hard target to hit.

Galal Yafai (GBR) defeated Patrick Chinyemba (ZAM) – Yafai has all the makings of an exciting pro with world title holder being his ceiling, but he has a very pro-style, and almost gave away this fight against Chinyemba, as Yafai tries to throw punches that really hurt his opponent, and not just volume. Yafai can be outboxed, and especially in the sprint that is Olympic boxing, but he is one of the bigger punchers at the lower weights, and has a sophisticated body attack to slow down opponents.

Saken Bibossinov (KAZ) defeated Billal Bennama (FRA) – Hand speed and timing was the difference in an entertaining bout that saw both throwing fun exchanges. Bibossinov just seemed a bit quicker as Bennama looked to counterpunch, only for Bibossinov to counter the counter. With the win, Bibossinov should make it to the medal rounds. Both fighters showed a lot in this fight, and I like the potential in Bennama as well who adjusted well.

Men’s Lightweight

Keyshawn Davis (USA) defeated Sofiane Oumiha (FRA) – Keyshawn Davis just made a statement stopping the last man to beat Teofimo Lopez in the 2016 Olympics, and the Rio 2016 Silver medalist in the second round of their three-round Olympic bout. An overhand right wobbled Oumiha for a count to be administered, only for the ref to not like what he saw and waive it off. Simply put, this was an incredible Olympic moment for Team USA Boxing, and a statement for Davis moving forward. Davis is a future world champion seems very likely to medal at this Olympic Games.

Hovhannes Bachkov (ARM) defeated Javid Chalabiyev (AZE) – Bachkov and Chalabiyev threw 100 punches per round – what felt like the Olympic version of Marvin Hagler vs Thomas Hearns. Bachkov, who is a good pressure fighter, that I think will be a very good pro, based on how exciting this bout was. This was a modern classic and both men should be looked for in the pros, I just hope Bachkov didn’t take too much out of himself for future rounds.

Andy Cruz (CUB) defeated Luke McCormack (GBR) – The same Keyshawn Davis blew most people’s minds, Andy Cruz lulled most people to sleep as he put on a vintage performance of staying on the outside, being elusive and tricky to find let alone hit. McCormack, the twin brother of Pat McCormack, looked befuddled in there and that is what Cruz does. He makes it hard to win, and that is why he is the favorite.

Wanderson Oliveira (BRA) defeated Dzmitry Asanau (BLR) – a tough draw for Oliveira who probably could’ve medaled in the Olympics had he not drawn the Andy Cruz or Keyshawn Davis. Oliveira is a very good fighter who has very good defense, but also the ability to come forward, and put pressure on a fighter. I think he is somewhat live against Andy Cruz, and believe he might beat Cruz in a pro fight, but Cruz has mastered the amateur-style, so Oliveira, who is a fighter you should watch, might be out a round before the medal stages. Oliveira was dominate he picked a 10-8 round from the Cuban judge without scoring a knockdown in this fight.

Women’s Featherweight

Nesthy Petecio (PHI) defeated Irma Testa (ITA) – Testa is a good boxer, who was much bigger than Petecio who fought with awkward distance control that reminded me of Demetrius Andrade, albeit not exactly, it felt in the same school of thought. It was impressive seeing Testa fight such a composed fight, and keep an experienced fighter like Petecio on the outside, as Petecio is a master of getting inside.

Petecio though not be outdoen won the second round easily as when she got inside on Testa, she made it count, and when her punches landed, Testa didn’t throw nearly as much. By the third round, Testa’s best weapon her jab wasn’t nearly what it once was as the story of the fight was Petecio’s overhand right that was the game-changer of the fight. When Petecio started landing with that punch Testa stopped throwing. Now Petecio has a chance for gold!

Sena Irie (JPN) defeated Karriss Artingstall (GBR) – In a close fight that saw the local Sena Irie win the first round against the much bigger Artingstall in an impressive manner, by beating her to the punch and outboxing her. Irie struggled in the second round as Artingstall forced the fight upon her, as Irie didn’t have set answers for what to do with that. The last round saw a close and evenly contested fight go Irie’s way.

Irie has the chance to be a Japanese Olympic legend to try and win a gold medal at the Olympics in Tokyo.

Gold Medal Match Preview: Petecio (PHI) vs. Irie (JPN) Monday, August 2nd, 9 PM PST – An interesting bout that I favor Petecio based on her ability to adjust to a much taller boxer, Testa, in the semi-finals, but Irie is crafty, fast, and from the hometown fighter. This is a truly exciting match.

Bronze Medal Winners: Imra Testa (ITA), Karriss Artingstall (GBR)

Testa is a great boxer, who only showed problems when getting hit with a Thor’s Hammer of a right hand by Petecio, and went into survival mode. Testa has all the ability to be a hard fighter to beat at the world level and if developed right could be a world champion.

Karriss Artingstall has the ceiling of being a star, as she has the ability to box and fight on the inside a trait many Olympic fighter don’t have. Losing a close decision was a disappointment, but Artingstall, if she chooses to go pro, will be a very good pro.

Women’s Middleweight

Lauren Price (GBR) defeated Atheyna Bylon (PAN) – Lauren Price is one of the superstars of the 2020 Olympic Games, and it seems like no one in her division is anywhere near her talent. Price has a great sense of distance and a great bounce to her step that is not seen in this division often. Price feels like a generational talent.

Nouchka Fontijn (NED) defeated Tammara Thibeault (CAN) – Two hard-working fighters who gave it their all, Thibeault fought well on the outside, and Fontijn made it awkward. The Olympic silver medalist from Rio 2016, Fontijn, just had a bit too pressure and volume as Fontijn outworked Thibeault in the last two rounds. Fontijn is best known for beating Savannah Marshall in Rio 2016.

[Medal Round] Semi-Finals: Price vs. Fontijn – Lauren Price seems like a once-in-a-decade-type fighter, and Fontijn is a high-motor fighter, who is not afraid to make it ugly. If Lauren Price is as great as I proclaim her to be she should rise to the moment in this bout. Fontijn gives an honest very fight with her high work-rate is capable of upset, but has to fight the fight of her life.

Zemfira Magomedalieva (ROC) defeated Rady Gramane (MOZ) – Magomedalieva provides a lot of pressure and fights physically as she has made both Naomi Graham, and Rady Gramane uncomfortable to the point, in which she began to impose her style. Magomedalieva is now an Olympic medalist. Magomedalieva has deceptively good straight punches.

Li Qian (CHN) defeated Pooja Rani (IND) – Qian is a big-and-strong fighter who lacks an exceptional trait besides size and dimensions. Qian has had a lot of success at the world level and entered the tournament as the #2 seed.

[Medal Round] Semi-Finals: Magomedalieva vs. Qian – I think it is Magomedalieva’s time as I see her as the second-best fighter in the division behind Price. Magomedalieva brings a lot of pressure, something Qian doesn’t handle all that well, and has the ability to throw technical punches. Though I see this being a dog fight for the Olympic Gold medal match.


Men’s Flyweight

Shakhobidin Zoirov (UZB) defeated Daniel Varela de Pina (CPV)

Carlo Paalam (PHI) defeated Mohamed Flissi (ALG)

Gabriel Escobar (ESP) defeated Daniel Asenov (BUL)

Men’s Welterweight

Gabil Mamedov (ROC) defeated Richarno Colin (MRI)

Elnur Abduraimov (UZB) defeated Bakhodur Usmonov (TJK)

Zakir Safiullin (KAZ) had a walkover against Daisuke Narimatsu (JPN)

Harry Garside (AUS) defeated Jonas Jonas (NAM)

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