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2020 Olympic Boxing Results – Day Seven All In On Imam Khataev

Notable Performances

Men’s Welterweight

Pat McCormack (GBR) defeated Bobo – McCormack is a very good distance control, but more impressive was his ability to adjust to Bobo-Usmon Baturov’s pressure style, as by mid-way through the first round McCormack had taken control of the fight. The team from Brittan is very solid this year, and McCormack is looking to be the blue-chip guy of the bunch. A solid, well-seasoned fighter who at the very least will be a 2020 Olympic medalist after this win. Pat McCormack looks the part of a future world champion, and lands some of the cleanest combinations of the whole tournament. McCormack was cut in the third round.

Aidan Walsh (IRE) defeated Merven Clair (MRI) – The brother of 2020 Olympic boxer, Michaela Walsh, has earned his way to the medal rounds, but his journey has been less than amazing so far. A very amateur style fighter, who relies upon movement, and speed, and experience to win.

[Medal Rounds] Semi-Finals: McCormack vs Walsh – The only way I see McCormack losing this bout is if the cut that occurred in the quarterfinals doesn’t allow McCormack to fight. Walsh is solid, but McCormack seems special, and Walsh will have to fight the fight of his life, and even that might not be enough to beat McCormack.

Roniel Iglesias (CUB) defeated Delante “Tiger” Johnson (USA) – Iglesias had some success, but the broadcast and judges seemed to give Johnson little to no credit for his work against the Cuban. The fight was a very close fight that was scored for Iglesias by the end of round two, which was hard to see a USA Boxing. Iglesias looks like one of the weaker Cuban Olympians, solid and smart, but lacking an exceptional trait.

Andrey Zamkovoy (ROC) defeated Eskerkhan Madiev (GEO) – Zamkovoy has had a rather ho-hum tournament to this point looks to be the man to beat to get to the finals on his side of the bracket

[Medal Rounds] Semi-Finals: Iglesias vs Zamkovoy – This bout will feature two professional amateurs, who have mastered the amateur-style, but will need to really become focused to see success at the next level the pros. I favor Zamkovoy slightly, but the bout is close, as McCormack seems to be a near-lock for gold with Delante Johnson now gone.

Light Heavyweight

Imam Khataev (ROC) stopped Gazimagomed Jalidov (ESP) – Khataev is my favorite fighter in the whole Olympics, a big puncher, with craft who set traps. Khataev is going to be fun to watch as a pro, and fun to watch as I look for the guy I have aligned myself with and become a fan of his fight over the course of the Olympics go for gold, as his brutal not just went viral, but put Khataev in the medal rounds.

Ben Whittaker (GBR) defeated Keno Machado (BRA) – Whittaker is a very good backfoot boxer who is elusive and reminds me of a cross between James DeGale, and Caleb Plant. Whittaker outboxed Machado, though some of the judges had it much closer. Whittaker is really good

[Medal Round] Semi-Finals: I know I shouldn’t be biased by Imam Khataev’s fun style has grown on me, but Whittaker is going to be a great fighter in his own right. This is a 50-50 styles clash, that will be one to watch for, and one that in a few years people should look back upon as it will more than likely foreshadow two Olympic medalists who should have great pro careers. This is one to watch.

Arlen López (CUB) defeated Rogelio Romero (MEX) – Lopez is a composed and methodical fighter, who forces you to have to think with him in the ring. Romero, who I am sure will be signed by a major promoter the minute he returns home from the Olympics, being that he is a Mexican Olympian at the light heavyweight division, was too focused on landing meaningful shots, and couldn’t match the volume of Lopez.

Loren Alfonso (AZE) defeated Bayram Malkan (TUR) – Alfonso is an elusive boxer, who is pro-ready, and fun to watch to boot. Alfonso seems like the man to beat from this side of the bracket and has the style to win gold. Alfonso will be a solid pro and is just a quality fighter, who has all the tools to become a formidable fighter, in a division that has never been all that deep, to begin with.

[Medal Round] Semi-Finals: Lopez vs Alfonso – I greatly favor Alfonso in this bout, and the bout is sort of a grudge match as Lopez is a Cuban representative, but Alfonso is a Cuban representing Azerbaijan in the Olympics. I just see Alfonso as a better and more mature version of Lopez at this point.

Men’s Heavyweight

Muslim Gadzhimagomedov (ROC) defeated Ammar Abduljabbar (GER) – I don’t have high hopes for Gadzhimagomedov as a pro, but he is very effective in Olympic fights, and able to fight with movement, a good jab and volume. The thing I don’t love is that he pulls straight back a lot. Gadzhimagomedov now has an Olympic medal, it will just be up to him to decide the color.

David Nyika (NZL) defeated Uladzislau Smiahlikau (BLR) – Nyika is a very interesting pro prospect, as he wobbled Smiahlikau, as well as has the ability to fight off the backfoot. I view Nyika as an interesting pro fighter to keep tabs on, because he is from a market that is largely untapped in a longtime, along with has an exciting style.

[Medal Round] Semi-Finals: Gadzhimagomedov vs Nyika – Gadzhimagomedov is the favorite for a reason as they fought in 2019, and Gadzhimagomedov has the experience, but it could be Nyika’s time. Nyika is by far the more interesting of the two fighters to watch, and Gadzhimagomedov is not unbeatable this will be interesting.

Abner Teixeira (BRA) defeated Hussein Ishaish (JOR) – These two left a lot of themselves in the ring as Teixeira and Ishaish both fought on the inside exchange with big punches in the first round. The bout saw Teixeira be able to keep up a more consistent pace, as well as Teixeira placed his shots well. Keep your eye on Ishaish a very aggressive and tough fighter.

Julio César La Cruz (CUB) defeated Emmanuel Reyes (ESP) – Julio César La Cruz feels Cuba’s most clear-cut chance to win a gold medal, and is one of the more polished fighters Cuba has produced at these Olympic Games. In a division, that is voided of star-power as Cruz is a solid distance fighter, who can change speeds, and has good feints. That being said Cruz is a knockout waiting to happen if he turns pro, as he keeps his hands too low and relies on his own abilities too much. Matchroom USA’s Khalil Coe knocked out Cruz in the amateurs already, and I think that trend would carry over more so to the pros.

[Medal Round] Semi-Finals: Teixeira vs La Cruz – This is a close fight. La Cruz is more talent, but has really bad habits in which he can be hit with big shots, and Teixeira is willing to exchange with any-and-all. On paper, Cruz is the favorite, but who knows what this

Women’s Lightweight

Kellie Harrington (IRE) defeated Rebecca Nicoli (ITA) – Harrington was the favorite coming into the tournament, and after her first bout you can see why with good reason. Harrington has good movement, presents a lot of angles, but most importantly she is always in a position to punch. Harrington is a great fighter, who just was a level above her competition.

Caroline Dubois (CAN) defeats Rashida Ellis (USA) – Dubois ruined the Olympic debut of Rashida Ellis, the sister of Rashidi “Speedy” Ellis and Ronald Ellis, two professional boxers, as Dubois fought a composed and focused fight. With the fight on the line, with three judges having the bout even, Ellis, hit Dubois in the clinch with the referee taking a point from her, which proved costly. With the win, Dubois will surely medal. Straight punches, good angles, and a very focused approach, makes her a solid fighter.

Beatriz Ferreira (BRA) defeated Wu Shih-yi (TPE) – Ferreira is aggressive and physical, as she bullied her way into a victory against Wu Shih-yi. You can’t just try to box Ferreira, you have to fight her, and you have to get her respect, or else it will be a very difficult fight. The #1 seed is looking a lock to medal.

Mira Potkonen (FIN) defeated Oh Yeon-ji (KOR) – Potkonen more than likely could’ve been a world champion, but the 39-year-old, who was one of Katie Taylor’s best rivals in the amateurs looks poised to medal, as she is the most well-rounded fighter in the division. Potknonen fights like a veteran as she won her first two bouts in two different manners.

Women’s Welterweight

Busenaz Sürmeneli (TUR) defeated Anna Lysenko (UKR) – Sürmeneli is physically strong and wears on her opponents, and if you can’t get her respect it will be a hard night. Pressure, pressure, and more pressure have been her formula to winning fights so far.

Lovlina Borgohain (IND) defeated Chen Nien-chin (TPE) – Borgohain picked up the win and is a quality operator, but I don’t see her going much further, but getting a bronze medal is not bad at the Olympics, which she is now in line for. Borgohain has won four bronze medals in world competition over the past four years.

[Medal Round] Semi-Finals Preview: Sürmeneli vs. Borgohain – It is hard to not favor Sürmeneli as her pressure is something else. Borgohain had some issues with Nien-chin’s pressure, and Surmeneli is stronger and pushes a faster pace. That being said, we tune in for surprises. I see Surmeneli heading to the gold medal round to face Oshae Jones in a quality final match.

Oshae Jones (USA) defeated – it is hard to not favor Oshae Jones for the gold medal with how dominant she has been. Facing the same fighter she fought in Pan-Am Games, Jones dropped her twice, with one of them being called a slip. Jones will now be assured a medal, but seems to be Team USA’s best bet for an Olympic Gold

Gu Hong (CHN) defeated Alcinda Panguana (MOZ) – Hong is a long-and-tall fighter who keeps her distance well and forces fighters to have to

[Medal Round] Semi-Finals:


Women’s Lightweight

Imane Khelif (ALG) defeated Mariem Homrani (TUN)

Sudaporn Seesondee (THA) defeated Simranjit Kaur (IND)

Raykhona Kodirova (UZB) defeated Naomie Yumba (COD)

Esra Yıldız (TUR) defeated Dayana Sánchez (ARG)

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