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Day Eight Notable Fighters

Jahmal Harvey, USA, featherweight – Harvey is like looking like a generational fighter, and is one fight away from being in the medal rounds.

Omari Jones, USA, welterweight – An elite counter puncher who is making a name for himself in this tournament.

Obed-Bartee-El, USA, light middleweight – Bartee-El is having the tournament of his life, and he is putting his years he has put into the and making them count.

Rahim Gonzales, USA, light heavyweight – A light heavyweight with superstar potential. One of the hardest workers in the gym, who has dreams of Olympic gold not being a pro, Gonzales is the type of fighter who the 2024 team will be built around.


Akhtem Zakirov, RUS

Zakirov is one of the fighters that could give Martinez a challenge. This guy is elite and active.

Yuberjen Martínez, COL – Martinez is a generational-type fighter who could win a world title in less than ten fights, in my opinion and was robbed of getting a medal at the 2020 Olympics. Martinez should be favored to win gold and if he loses, the person who beats him becomes the guy on the world stage. Next for him is Saken Bibossinov, of KAZ.


Eduard Savvin, RUS – He moves and fights like one of the greatest amateurs ever, Vasyl Lomachenko. Savvin is elusive, with fast hands, and smart feet. He will face one of the toughest fighters in the tournament next, Serik Temirzhanov, KAZ.

Miguel Vega, MEX – Miguel Vega is the most interesting Mexican fighter in the tournament with a referee stoppage, and two one-sided wins under his belt, now he is ready to test him against the best. That will be proven as he faces tournament favorite Osvel Caballero of Cuba next. Vega will be a solid pro, remember his name.



Wanderson Oliveira, BRA – Oliviera is one of the most talented in the division with fast-hands and an entertaining professional style. He will face one of my favorites from the American squad next, Omari Jones. The two have similar traits, but different styles, the winner of this bout will be my favorite to take gold in this tournament.

Ablaikhan Zhussupov, KAZ – Nothing sexy, but effective. Has a great ability to use distance and force fighters to fight smart and not make mistakes. Zhussupov’s greatest strength is he can exploit his opponent’s flaws, and he picks up on it quickly.

Damian Durkacz, POL – Even though he lost to Zhussupov I am all in on Durkacz as a pro. He will be fun, and if moved and managed right could be a solid world-level pressure fighter. Durkacz’s has flaws, but his upside outweighs the bad.

Light Middleweight

Aslanbek Shymbergenov, KAZ – Not much to say beyond, a very solid, and active amateur style distance fighter.


Kevin Schumann, GER – Schumann has a really good jab, and puts punches together at times. He shoots his jab low to high the same way Larry Holmes did. His next opponent will be Dzhambulat Bizhamov of Russia.

Saidjamshid Jafarov, UZB – An awkward southpaw who is always looking for the left hand. An outside fighter who hopes in-and-out and looks to fire straight punches taking advantage of his large frame, and good distance control. Up next is Weerapon Jongjoho for Jafarov.

Salvatore Cavallaro, ITA – A good amateur boxer. Cavallaro has a good sense of range, timing and distance.

Sumit, IND – A really good fighter, who has a lot of dog without being overtly aggressive, and has great ability for controlling range. Sumit is someone to keep a keen eye at the next level

Light Heavyweight

Nurbek Oralbay, KAZ

Keylan Cassidy, IRE

Savelii Sadoma, RUS

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