Jaime Munguia and William Zepeda remain undefeated!

Jaime Munguia improved his record up to 39-0, 31 KOs with an impressive third round stoppage over previously undefeated D’Mitrius Ballard in Mexico. The fight was quite uneventful until the third round when Munguia unleashed some big power shots that visibly got the attention of Ballard. Moments later he was wobbling into the ropes and went down from a barrage of punches. After beating the count Munguia just reigned down combinations against the ropes until the fight was stopped. Munguia wasted no time calling out every champion in the division stating he is ready for everyone.

In a bizarre match up between William Zepeda vs. Luis Viedas, Zepeda scored a third round KO. The first round started off slow, then things took an odd turn. Viedas slipped on what looked like a complete puddle of water in his corner. Seriously, I’ve never seen a corner with so much water sitting there. He seemed to have tweaked his ankle as it took him a moment to get the feeling back in his ankle. They resumed fighting after a quick break and Viedas appeared okay. The second round just got stranger. After knocking down Viedas, it appeared as if he was trying to accuse Zepeda for hitting him while he was on his knees, but the referee ignored it. Moments later Zepeda got caught by a sweeping hook that caught him off balance, causing a knockdown. When they met in the center of the ring it appeared Zepeda might have ended things with a counter hook as Viedas laid on the ground appearing to be out of it. However, that is not what happened. The commentators and crowd were all confused as the referee took a point away from Zepeda. The replay did clearly show no punch landed and it was just Zepeda shoving him away, followed by Viedas hitting the canvas and appearing to not be able to get up. The third and final round saw a lot more awkwardness from Viedas who clearly was out matched in every category. He dropped to a knee and mid combination, Zepeda landed a body shot on his fallen opponent. He could not recover this time and did not beat the ten count. It seemed as if Viedas did not want to be in there and was looking for a way out the entire time.

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Felix Gracia

Felix Gracia

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