Jr Flyweight Rankings



Masamichi Yabuki

  1. Kenshiro Teraji
  2. Hekkie Budler
  3. Tibo Monabesa
  4. Kenichi Horikawa
  5. Mark Vicelles
  6. Edwin Soto
  7. Shokichi Iwata
  8. Erick Lopez
  9. Nhlanhla Tyirha
  10. Azael Villar



Hiroto Kyoguchi

  1. Daniel Matellon
  2. Shockichi Iwata
  3. Hasanboy Dusmatov
  4. Hector Gabriel Flores
  5. Hekkie Budler
  6. Agustin Mauro Gauto
  7. Carlos Canizales
  8. Jose Argumendo
  9. Ronald Chacon
  10. Leandro Jose Blanc



Felix Alvarado

  1. Sive Nonthshinga
  2. Vacant
  3. Hector Flores
  4. Agustin Gauto
  5. Mark Vicelles
  6. Cristian Araneta
  7. Ronald Chacon
  8. Regie Suganob
  9. Jose Torres
  10. Carlos Canizales



Jonathan Gonzalez

  1. Riku Kano
  2. Agustin Mauro Gauto
  3. Edwin Soto Castro
  4. Mark Vicelles
  5. Sivenathi Nonthshinga
  6. Hekkie Budler
  7. Nhlanjla Tyirha
  8. Tibo Monabesa
  9. Carlos Canizales

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Felix Gracia

Felix Gracia

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