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It has been a very entertaining night of Boxing, hats off to everyone that stepped inside the ropes to do battle tonight. Each fight was scheduled for five, two minute rounds.

To kick off the evening we got to see Matt Watson (167K subscribers) vs. Dad (337K subscribers). It did not take long for Dad to pick up a quick TKO victory over Watson in less than 30 seconds! He looked to have a really great time and was very intense to kick off the night.

Next up, Ryan Magee of SuperMega (956K subscribers) vs. Alex Ernst (1.44M subscribers). It was a hard fought battle, Ryan showed a TON of heart in there as Alex battered him throughout the entire night, bloodied up his nose and even scored a quick knockdown. Alex controlled most of the action with his hard thudding jab. In the end, Alex Ernst scored a unanimous decision victory.

In Heavyweight action, Erik of The Internet Comment Etiquette (1.02M subscribers) vs. DJ Welch (12.2K subscribers). DJ attacked Erik from the get go, got a quick knockdown in the first, forced him to take a knee in the second and the corner of Erik called it quits after that second round.

In the Cruiserweight division, I Did A Thing (3M subscribers) picked up a quick first round stoppage over TheOdd1sOut (17.8M subscribers). A huge right hand visibly hurt Odd1s and the referee stopped the fight not long after that.

In what was one of the most exciting fights of the night we were honored with witnessing Yodeling Haley (27.9K subscribers) vs. Justa Minx (725K subscribers) in a non stop action fight! They battered one another for three rounds until Minx picked up a TKO victory when the referee waved off the action in the fourth round. I did have Haley winning the fight up until that point as well, I would love to see a rematch.

Earlier this week my pick for what would be fight of the night featured Hundar of Muscle Party (65.9K subscribers) vs. AB of Starkilla (81.1K subscribers). AB started off using a smart boxing strategy over Hundar and was sweeping the first two rounds. In the third, Hundar stepped up his activity and dropped AB just a few seconds into the round. Not to be outdone, AB got up and went right to Hundar and dropped him right a huge right hand. The fourth round saw a change in pace, Hundar started to close in and batter AB. Finally in the fifth and final round it was too much for AB as Hundar hit him cleanly to the body with hard shots until the referee stopped the action after AB was hunched over. I had the fight three rounds to one in favor of AB at the time of the stoppage. Hundar did exactly what he had to do to secure that victory.

In Lightweight action we were treated with Michael Reeves (6.72M subscribers) vs. Graham Stephan (3.78M subscribers). Michael Reeves showed a lot of skill in there, in one of the pre fight interviews he stated he did not know how boxers knew how to dodge punches so quickly especially coming from all angles. Ironically, he showed great head movement and was slipping punches with ease. He was very impressive in setting up the knockout and finished things off at the end of the second round with some big power shots. Big shoutout to his team, they did a tremendous job getting him ready for this one.

In the Co-Main event, we got Heavyweights Harley of Epic Meal Time (6.92M subscribers) vs. Arin of GameGrumps (5.64M subscribers). Harley was patient, picked his shots and landed with ease against Arin, picking up a second round stoppage after a barrage of unanswered punches against the ropes.

Finally the main event! In Cruiserweight action, iDubbbzTV (7.76M subscribers) and Doctor Mike (9.4M subscribers) closed out the show. Doctor Mike controlled the pace throughout the first and was closing in on him as the round closed out. The second round started off right where it left off, Mike went right over to iDubbbz and landed a big right hand. iDubbbz stayed in there throwing and pressing forward when he could, but Mike landed his huge right hand at ease. The third round was more competitive and a case could be made for iDubbbz taking that round. The fourth round I definitely give it to iDubbbz, he out worked Doctor Mike. Mike did land some big shots at the end of the round, but it was not enough to win the entire round. I had the fight 3-1 as we headed into the fifth and final round. iDubbbz took the final round with sheer determination and a big display of heart! He finished the fight bloody, gassed out and he did not stop punching, you could not ask for any more from him. In the end, the judges had a unanimous decision for Doctor Mike with scores of 50-45, 50-45, 49-46.

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Felix Gracia

Felix Gracia

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