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Canelo vs Golovkin III Really Was Lethal Weapon IV






It Wasn’t What We Hoped….

I wrote on Saturday that Canelo vs. Golovkin III felt like Lethal Weapon 4, the last-installment of a buddy-cop film with Mel Gibson, and Danny Glover. A few days later, I hate to say it – but I was right. 

The promotion was seemingly strictly about Canelo Alvarez, with very little of a focus on Gennadiy Golovkin. The access to either fighter was limited and the story arches were not existent. The fight was sold on seeing two legends in the ring with, and though we got that – we also saw two fighters who are no longer in their prime, at least to me. 

Golovkin looked every bit of 40-years-old, but also looked like a fighter that was able to either have people come to him and hit them like the first two fights or go forward all fight and become The Terminator. Golovkin never had to adjust in his whole pro career, and when Canelo came out and started to box. It looked like that threw everything off. 

Neither fighter showed urgency, especially for the pay-per-view price point asked of this fight, and the indifference towards the result from both, made it look more like a venture capital deal, than a sport. The fight was made so the two future Hall of Famers can say they had a trilogy, but I can’t think of many fans rewatching this fight, ever again. 

It was formality to say it was a trilogy, and for DAZN to get this fight finally made on their platform. The utter indifference, the lack of imprint it had on the world at large, seemingly shows – a new era of fighter is coming. Despite realizing it – Canelo and Golovkin are becoming more so the past and less the present. 

Important to note, Canelo said he entered the fight with a hurt hand. 


Jesse “Bam” Rodriguez has had a heck of 2022, but his hardest fight came not against former world champions but Israel Gonzalez in a trap fight. Rodriguez keeping an active schedule started slow, but saw his power and volume overtake the fight late – but one has to wonder…should ‘Bam’ rest for the last few months of 2022? 

Personally I think so. He is one of the best fighters in the sport, but I want to see ‘Bam’ Rodriguez have a great career not a great year, as potentially coming back on December 3rd could be a lot to ask of him. 

Ali Akhmedov fought a smart fight and followed coach Jhonthan Banks game plan against veteran Gabe Rosado. It wasn’t a fun watch, but it will further develop Akhmedov for the next level of his career, especially after stopped by Carlos Gongora in a world title fight in the final round. This fight was one in which Akhmedov showed he could stay focused for every round of the fight.

Austin “Ammo” Williams defeated hard-luck fighter Kieron Conway. Williams is trending towards being one of Matchroom’s best prospects though – it is his power that is getting him to this point in his career. After the fight, Williams called out Erickson Lubin.

YouTube Fights.

Diego Pacheco got a stoppage win. Pacheco has a high-ceiling, but I worry about his defense at times. I hope to see Pacheco in with a U.K. fringe contender soon to see how he fairs in one of those type of fights. 

Marc Castro is really, really good. His stoppage win, the most impressive of any fighter on the card outside of the top-two fighters on the PPV. Impressed with how Castro continues to improve while moving up in competition. 

The best fight of the night was Aaron Aponte vs. Fernando Molina. The fight was ruled a draw, Molina got called for a knockdown that didn’t seem to land from a punch which decided the fight. To me, both fighters have a high upside, but have to no be defined by this moment, and continue to move forward. This was a grueling fight, interesting to see how both bounce back. 

The opener saw Anthony Herrera win a fight by technical decision.

Club Shows

LeAnna Cruz got a massive win over Tatiana Almarez, who had a solid amateur in the biggest win of Cruz’s career. 

Lyndon Arthur won an fight scheduled for eight-round in six, by way of TKO. Gavin Gwynne and Craig Woodruff fought to a draw on that same card. 

South African heavyweight Kevin Lerena got a 12-round decision win over former world title contender Mariusz Wach.

Former signed fighter Yamaguchi Falcao got an eight-round decision win. 

Paul Gallen won his two fights in one evening attraction, but had to get off the canvas in one of the fights in order to win. 

Former world title contender Jessica Camara got a first-round KO. 

Heavyweight Arslanbek Makhmudov looked underwhelming as Carlos Takam took him the distance for the first time as a pro. Not unlike many power punchers, Makhmudov was able to drop Takam, but really struggled with the lateral movement of Takam. 

Steven Butler stopped Mark DeLuca. The fight was stopped early, in my opinion. 

Denzel Bentley got a stoppage win as well.

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Lukie Ketelle