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2022 Club Fighter of the Year: Katsuma Akitsugi

2022 Club Fighter of the Year: Katsuma Akitsugi

No previous award given. 

We ran a feature on Katsuma Akitsugi a while back. Akitsugi has faced a slew of undefeated fighters, all from the b-side (the wrong corner, the corner that is supposed to lose), and all on short notice. 

Whether it was Eros Correa, Rasheem Brown, Gregory Morales, or even Arnold Dinong – Akitsugi inevitably found a way to win as he is facing tougher opponents constantly, 

Akitsugi has faced a murder’s row of opponents and is still unbeaten. The sad part, he is getting very little attention for the impressive start he has had to his career. 

Honorable Mentions

George Acosta – After losing to Ruben Torres years ago, Acosta rebuilt his career, stuck it out with Thompson Boxing, and moved down a weight class. His win against Isaac Avelar

Quinton Randall – A talented welterweight who I feel suffering a bit due to ageism in our sport. Randall is a bit older to be considered a prospect so none of the top promoters seemingly wanted to invest or build him up, given he doesn’t have a slew of one-punch KOs, but the guy can fight. 

Ernesto Mercado – A big puncher, an Olympic Trials silver medalist, and someone who is staying very active. Mercado needs to be signed, ASAP.

Albert Bell – A world championship level fighter, who spent this year fighting on club shows in Ohio, waiting to see if he can get a crack at 130 lbs world title. 

Japhethlee Llamido – A very good fighter, who may or may not have a promoter, but is staying very active in the club scene after a very good amateur career. His one downfall, he is a good fighter, who has trouble having a “viral moment” in a world that values views over substance. 

Jose Marruffo – Marruffo defeated Ioannis Birmpilis and Angel Rodriguez this year continuing his run of upsetting emerging fighters who had hopes of fighting at the next level. Marruffo is one tough dude. 

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Lukie Ketelle

Lukie Ketelle